Graduate Students

Scot Brayden
I am from Clifton Park, New York, which is just north of Albany. I attended Colgate University as an undergraduate student, and received my Bachelor's degree in Environmental Geography. I am pursuing a Master's degree in Geography with a focus on environmental geography and natural resource management. My research interests include sustainability, alternative energy, and community perceptions of environmental issues. For my thesis, I will be looking at the extent to which hydraulic fracturing in Pennsylvania has caused forest fragmentation and the ecological impacts that have resulted.


Dalia M. Castro
I come from the Island of Puerto Rico. I did my undergrad studies in the University of Puerto Rico, Río Piedras Campus in Geography. This is my first year in my Master Program in Binghamton University under the track of Cartography and GIS. Coming from the Tropics has led me to want to understand Tourism Movements. My particular interests are Tourism in the Caribbean and Rural Community Tourism, but I am open to keep learning about the amazing world of tourism and traveling.


Guillermo Espinosa
I'm from Puerto Rico, where I did my B.A. in Geography and Psychology. During my undergrad I did some research on coastal geomorphology, which got me interested in studying water resources. Right now I'm working towards a M.A. in Geography, specializing in Environmental and Resource Management. My thesis studies the interactions between the spatial configuration of land use and stream ecology. I hope to continue onto a PhD to research spatial ecology and water resources.


Eliot Kershner
I was born and raised in Englewood, NJ. I transferred to Binghamton from Bar Ilan University in Ramat Gan, Israel. I completed my undergraduate degree at BU majoring in Geography: Environmental Resource Management and Music Performance. I am currently a first year graduate student studying aquatic resources. My research interests are focused on the anthropogenic stresses that impact water quality.


Danielle Lamphere
I was born and raised in Towanda, PA. I completed my undergraduate degree in Geography with a focus in Environmental Resource Management at Binghamton University. My thesis research is about plant species biodiversity on river islands in the Susquehanna, Chenango, and Tioughnioga Rivers. I plan to examine how island biodiversity may differ on islands of different ages, islands in urban and rural locations, and from biodiversity along the riverbank in the same area.


Taylor Lange
My name is Taylor Lange and I was born and raised in Binghamton. I got my first degree from Binghamton University with 1 semester done at Stony brook and another done abroad in Australia. My Geography track is Environmental Resource Management and my research is centered on the Views of Environmentalism and Sustainability within fundamentalist churches and the potential to use these churches to shape their congregations' opinions to be pro-environmentalism and pro-sustainability.


Junjie Ma
I was born and raised in China until I became an international student at the age of 17. My migration pattern followed: Zhuhai, China - Lee, Maine - Brooklyn, New York - Binghamton, New York. I finished my undergraduate degree in Binghamton University within 3 years, double-majored in Urban & Regional Planning and Environmental Planning. I am also doing my master degree in Binghamton University right now concentrating on urban and retail planning. My research interests are sustainable urban and retail planning, food resources distribution and I really want to use what I have learnt to help those in need.


Leshatho Shaix Moshakga
I am from Botswana. I graduated with a Bachelor of Science Environmental Science from the University of Botswana in 2012. My research interests are in Environmental conservation because I want to be part of the team coming up with possible solutions to the environmental issues we are facing. I plan to have an environmental consultancy company in future. The reason why I am more concerned about the environment is because my country has a few natural resources (diamonds, wildlife & livestock) that have to be used sustainably.


Francis Naylor
I am a second year Master's student in Geography, worked with Dr Shin-yi Hsu, and currently with Dr Mark Blumler. Undergraduate studies were completed at SUNY Binghamton, majoring in Geography, Philosophy and classics. Main research interests include Remote Sensing techniques, as well as terrorism, and conflict Geography. Francis also participates in the EVOS Graduate Program.


Heather Priest
I am a first year geography graduate student. I completed my B.A. at Binghamton University, majoring in Politics, Philosophy, and Law (the pre-law track). Currently, I am pursuing the Environmental Resource Management graduate track, with a focus on water resources, specifically water quality in the Upper Susquehanna River Basin. My hometown is a little country town called Victory Mills, which is just outside of Saratoga Springs, New York. I could not be happier with my decision to join the geography department, as I already feel at home with all of my colleagues and the faculty.


Fabian Terbeck
I'm an exchange student from the University of Leipzig in Germany. I received a bachelor degree in Geography at the Westfälische Wilhelms University in Münster, where I focused on urban governance, urban planning and applied geography. Afterwards, I moved to Leipzig for my graduate studies in order to concentrate on shrinking cities. Leipzig provides a good environment for studies on this topic, because the city is home of two research institutes that are dedicated to urban shrinking processes. And it is located in Eastern Germany, a region that faced a severe loss of population in the last two decades. For my study year at Binghamton University I'm particularly interested in declining cities in the Northeast of the U.S.


Artur Yakubov
My name is Artur Yakubov and I am from Queens, New York. I spent the first two semesters of my undergraduate career at SUNY Geneseo and SUNY Albany, respectively, and received my degree in Geography and English at Binghamton University this past spring. I am currently a first-year Masters student studying Water Resource Management under Richard Shaker, and I supplement my education with a teaching assistantship.


Kuan Yang
My name is Kuan Yang. I come from Hubei, China. I got my bachelor's degree at Guizhou University, Guiyang, China. My undergraduate major was Land Resources Management. My research interests are GIS and Remote Sensing. My current study centers on the urban-thermal environment using GIS and spatial statistical techniques.


Pai Zhang
My name is Pai Zhang. I came from GuangDong, China. My major is Geography and I am interesting in urban planning and GIS. I am also interested in Urban Heat Island.


Brendan McGovernGeography Graduate Students
Education: B.S. in Geography, SUNY Cortland
MA Track: Applied Urban Geography
Research Interests:

  • Ethnicity 
  • GIS 
  • Preliminary Research for a co-authored book, "Queens, N.Y.: A Continuous Gateway"
Thesis/Research Area of Study: The Geography of Predatory Lending
Expected Year of MA Completion: 2010
Internships: B.U. GIS Core Facility
Honors/Awards: Gamma Theta Upsilon
Professional Membership: AAG
Other: Professional Presentations: REP Conference 2008, AAG Conference 2009



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