Graduate Students  2016 - 2017


Mohammed Rabiu Abubakarirab

Undergraduate Education: Bsc. Planning - University for Development Studies, Ghana

MA Track: Urban Planning and Applied Geography
Research Interests:

  • Urban planning
  • location and accessibility
  • geography of health/health disparities
  • housing
  • environmental and social justice
  • GIS and Spatial Analysis
  • Community based research

Short Biography:

After completing my high school education in Tamale, Northern Region of Ghana, I earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Planning from the University for Development Studies. After that, I entered government service in Ghana in the Ministry of Local Government and Rural Development before enrolling at the State University of New York at Binghamton for my Master of Arts (MA) Degree in Geography with a concentration in Urban Planning and Applied Geography. I aspire to earn a PhD in Geography/Urban Planning: with specific concentrations on urban accessibility (transportation, location and finance) issues to health, and housing services or health disparities among people of different socio-economic characteristics within the USA and or Africa, depending on available funding and research directions. Consequently, I intend to become a Professor in the USA and also a visiting one in Ghana.

Aside enjoying research, I love music and dance



Daria Andrievskikhdaria

Undergraduate Education: Accounting, Economic analysis
MA Track: Environmental & Resource Management
Research Interests:

  • Natural resources conservation
  • Sustainability
  • Environment governance and policy
  • Human interactions with environment

Short Biography:

I was born and raised in Russia. I graduated from the Kurgan State Academy of Agriculture in Russia with a joint Bachelor and Master's degree in Accounting, Economic Analysis and Audit. For three years I've been working in Russia in the local governmental organization responsible for economical and environmental planning of local communities and policy-making of the Kurgan region. In 2014 I participated in the International Forum for young professionals in Paris, France.

I enjoy travelling, reading, and belly-dancing.



Wen Haohao

Undergraduate Education: China
MA Track:
Research Interests:



Short Biography:

I was born in Guangzhou, Guangdong Province in China.




Jiaxin Jiangjiang

Undergraduate Education: Surveying and Mapping Engineering
MA Track:
Research Interests:

  • Geography Information Systems
  • Remote Sensing
  • Retail
  • Urban Planning

Short Biography:

My name is Jiiaxin Jiang. I am from the beautiful ancient country of China.




Chaojun LiLi

Undergraduate Education:
MA Track: Urban and Retail Planning
Research Interests:

  • Urban and Rural Planning
  • Applied Geography


Short Biography:

I have been interested in geography ever since I was young.  I studied science in high school and chose to study geography in college. My focus is on urban planning and I hope to find a job in planning in the future.




Yijian Linlin

Undergraduate Education: Wuhan University, China
MA Track: Cartography and Geographical Information Systems
Research Interests:

  • Environmental GIS
  • Spatial GIS


Short Biography:

I graduated from the Geodesy and Geomatics department at Wuhan University in China. I enjoy basketball and dota.



 Jorge Zambranajorge

Undergraduate Education: University of Puerto Rico Rio Piedras
MA Track: GIS/ Urban Planning
Research Interests: 

  • Urban studies
  • Urban Planning
  • Urban Geography
  • Immigration


Short Biography:

My name is Jorge Zambrana,I was born in the south of Puerto Rico in the municipio of Ponce. I pretty much lived all my life in the island, I went to the University of Puerto Rico in Rio Piedras for Geography after I found out Pre-Med was not for me (failed miserably). Since then I have found a passion for Geography which I never thought I had. Before I enjoyed playing with Google Earth and only thought of Geography as memorizing capitals, now I know it's not just that but so much more. For now I am working with the drones as well as in my thesis which involves knowing the profiles of the people at risk of flooding in Puerto Rico by their ethnicity, economic and race.

Hobbies are Traveling, Watching 90's Nickelodeon, Gadgets



Isaiah J Barkerbarker

Undergraduate Education: B.S. in Environmental Studies from BU, May 2015
MA Track: Cartography and GIS
Research Interests: 

  • Using GIS to map the spread of invasive insects
  • organisms


Short Biography:

For most of my life I've been fascinated with English and the possibilities of the subject. I even served as a writing tutor at Dutchess Community College for almost two years, many moons ago. Yes, that means I can offer writing feedback if I'm your TA. :p However, it soon became apparent that my true interests lie in the environmental field. A trip to Costa Rica and numerous field journeys later, I can safely say I have not regretted the decision to switch.

Some of you may have recognized me as the former Gardening and Local Foods Associate with VINES, a Binghamton nonprofit. You can see an overview of my time with them here: If you're curious about serving a term with AmeriCorps, I'm the guy to ask!

Hobbies are Entomology , 16-bit era video games, cycling, and occasional voice acting/narration.



Zeliu Zhengzheng

Undergraduate Education: University of Washington Geography Bachelor of Art
MA Track: GIS
Research Interests: 

  • Global urbanization
  • Demography
  • Urban GIS
  • Cartography
  • Economic geography


Short Biography:

I'm Zeliu Zheng, from Jiujinag, a city in southern China. I acquire my undergraduate degree in geography, University of Washington, Seattle. I graduated 2015, after one year enjoying my OPT, I come to Binghamton for my graduate school.

I'm a soccer fans, favorite club is AC Milan



Shane M Tripptripp

Undergraduate Education: Environmental Studies at SUNY Binghamton
MA Track: Environmental and Resource Management
Research Interests: 

  • Biogeography
  • Spatial Ecology
  • Invasive Species
  • Disturbance Regimes
  • Entomology


Short Biography:

I'm a Binghamton native and I'm excited to finally be on the homestretch of my education and to start my professional career after graduation. I plan to explore different work opportunities in all parts of the country for the next few years before hopefully settling down in a place I enjoy living in with a job I love.

Hobbies are Hiking, kayaking, bicycling, bug collecting, insect pets



Michelle Ritchieritchie

Undergraduate Education: Southern Connecticut State University
MA Track: Environmental and Resource Management
Research Interests: 

  • Climate change  research from a human-environment perspective (specifically, my thesis research will focus on uncovering factors which drive adaptation to climate change in Arctic regions).


Short Biography:

I was born and raised in Berlin, Connecticut. I then lived in New Haven for four years while I earned my Bachelor of Arts in Geography with a concentration in Environmental Studies. I have always held a passion for human and physical sciences and I strive to continue my education in the discipline of geography after graduating from BU.

Hobbies are hiking, reading, traveling, poetry.


Kyle Wamboldkyle

Undergraduate Education: Geography Urban Planning
MA Track: Urban and Retail Planning
Research Interests: 

  • Urban
  • Retail
  • Environmental Planning


Short Biography:

I am from Macungie, PA and came to Binghamton to play on the University Golf team and found academic interests in Geography and declared my major during my Sophomore year. I was recently accepted into the Geography Department's 3-2 Program which allows me to take graduate courses in my last undergrad year which will help me decide if I want to continue my academics in grad school.


Hobbies are playing golf, hiking, traveling, and watching soccer, baseball, and basketball on tv.



Bryan D Goodrichgoodrich

Undergraduate Education: Binghamton University
MA Track: Cartography and Geographical Information Systems
Research Interests: 

  • Geographic Information Systems
  • Remote Sensing
  • Economic Geography
  • Resource Management


Short Biography:

I am a life long resident of Tioga County, New York and have worked in the civil engineering field for a number of years as a land surveyor and construction inspector. During this time I have seen the proliferation of GIS within consulting firms and I am continuing my education here to stay current with this trend.


Hobbies are Carpentry, Barbecuing, Outdoor Sports.


Fuad O Olowoolowo

Undergraduate Education: Transport Planning and Policy
MA Track: Urban Planning
Research Interests: 

  • Urban Planning
  • Transportation


Short Biography:

Born in Lagos, Nigeria and the last child of my family. Yoruba and English are languages I speak fluently. My Undergraduate education was at Lagos State University with Bachelors in Transport Planning and Policy which I graduated in 2015. During my period in school, I worked as a transport analyst for FAO Consulting International, an organizational that consults for the Government in transport impact assessment and Land Use issues. A first year graduate student of Binghamton University Geography Department and member of Chartered Institute of Highway and Transportation (UK). My research interest is urban planning and Transportation Assessments and I intend to proceed to pursue a Doctorate degree in Transportation and Logistics after my masters program. 


Hobbies are reading and Watching movies.



Alexandria R Quintanaalex

Undergraduate Education: Binghamton University
MA Track: Urban Geography with an emphasis in Retail and Economics
Research Interests: 

  • Currently studying the Binghamton area in regards to increasing its central place order over time.


Short Biography:

I am from Long Island, New York and transferred to Binghamton University my Freshman year of college. I have decided to take on my Master's here at Binghamton through the 3/2 program in Geography. I decided on studying Geography because I was looking for a comprehensive major that allowed me to have an understanding of the interrelatedness between human and natural processes in urbanized areas.Within this field, I have a strong interest in using GIS in the Retail industry.

My hobbies include running and traveling.



Brenden M Geraghtybrenden

Undergraduate Education: SUNY Cortland
MA Track: Undecided
Research Interests: 

  • GIS
  • Urban Planning


Short Biography:

I am a first year grad student from Long Island. I graduated from Islip High School and went on to study GIS at Cortland.

My hobbies include hanging out with my dog Sam and watching Mets baseball.



Jabrille E Williamswilliams

Undergraduate Education: Binghamton University
MA Track: Urban Planning & Sustainability
Research Interests: 

  • Gentrification
  • Future sustainability


Short Biography:

This is my 6th and final year here at Binghamton University. I am glad to be a part of such a great department with amazing people.

My hobbies include playing golf, basketball and leisure reading. I also enjoy many outdoor activities as well as mental exercises such as puzzles and games.



Weiying Linweiying

Undergraduate Education: South China Agriculture University
MA Track: Geographic Information System

Research Interests:

  • GIS
  • Remote Sensing


Short Biography:

I'm from Guangzhou, China. And my hobby is travelling. 



Jiafan Zhujiafan









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