Graduate Students  2016 - 2017


Mohammed Rabiu AbubakariMohammes Rabiu Abubakari

Undergraduate Education: University for Development Studies, Tamale, Ghana
MA Track: Urban Planning and Applied Geography
Research Interests:

  • Urban Development and its linkage to rural development
  • Success of Cities and related challenges
  • The African Urban Agenda

Short Biography:

I am Mohammed Rabiu Abubakari, from Tamale, Ghana. I acquired Bachelor of Science Degree in Planning at the University for Development Studies, Tamale (Wa Campus) in 2013. I worked in the Urban Development Unit of the Ministry of Local Government and Rural Development Ghana as a National Service Person for the 2013/2014 service year, and afterward worked as a volunteer in the same capacity until my enrollment at Binghamton University to pursue a Masters Degree in Geography.

My hobbies include dancing.



Daria Andrievskikhdaria andrievskikh

Undergraduate Education: Accounting, Economic analysis
MA Track: Environmental & Resource Management
Research Interests:

  • Natural resources conservation
  • Sustainability
  • Environment governance and policy
  • Human interactions with environment

Short Biography:

I was born and raised in Russia. I graduated from the Kurgan State Academy of Agriculture in Russia with a joint Bachelor and Master's degree in Accounting, Economic Analysis and Audit. For three years I've been working in Russia in the local governmental organization responsible for economical and environmental planning of local communities and policy-making of the Kurgan region. In 2014 I participated in the International Forum for young professionals in Paris, France.

I enjoy travelling, reading, and belly-dancing.



Wen HaoWen Hao

Undergraduate Education: China
MA Track:
Research Interests:



Short Biography:

I was born in Guangzhou, Guangdong Province in China.




Jiaxin JiangJiaxin Jiang

Undergraduate Education: Surveying and Mapping Engineering
MA Track:
Research Interests:

  • Geography Information Systems
  • Remote Sensing
  • Retail
  • Urban Planning

Short Biography:

My name is Jiiaxin Jiang. I am from the beautiful ancient country of China.




Chaojun LiChaojun Li

Undergraduate Education:
MA Track: Urban and Retail Planning
Research Interests:

  • Urban and Rural Planning
  • Applied Geography


Short Biography:

I have been interested in geography ever since I was young.  I studied science in high school and chose to study geography in college. My focus is on urban planning and I hope to find a job in planning in the future.




Yijian LinYijian Lin

Undergraduate Education: Wuhan University, China
MA Track: Cartography and Geographical Information Systems
Research Interests:

  • Environmental GIS
  • Spatial GIS


Short Biography:

I graduated from the Geodesy and Geomatics department at Wuhan University in China. I enjoy basketball and dota.





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