Geography Department Professor

John W. Frazier

SUNY Distinguished Service Professor

Director of Graduate Studies

Room: OJ-108

Phone: 607-777-6179


Education: PhD, Kent State University, 1976

Research interests:

  • Ethnic and Racial Geography
  • Applied Urban Geography


  • 2015
    AAG Ronald Abler Distinguished Service Award, highest honors for career
    service granted by the Association of American Geographers, presented April 2015 at
    AAG national meetings, Chicago, Illinois.

  • 2013
    Outstanding Faculty Recognition Award, Binghamton University Educational
    Opportunity Program, for outstanding and consistent of the EOP Mission and Students.
  • 2012
    Nominated and finalist for the AAG (Association of American Geographers)
    President's Career Achievement Award.

  • 2011
    Promoted to SUNY Distinguished Service Professor, a SUNY-wide rank and
    highest level of promotion in the State.

  • 2011
    AAG Ethnic Geography Specialty Award for Career Distinguished Service.

  • 2010
    New York State Chancellor's Award for Excellence in Service provided
    For persistent contributions to NY State, Binghamton Campus and Geography
    Department, and the discipline of Geography.

  • 2009
    AAG National Diversity Award from the Association of American Geographers,
    AAG Enhancing Diversity Award for "longstanding efforts" in teaching, research
    and service that has contributed to the racial/ethnic diversification of Geography and beyond.

  • 2006
    EOP of Binghamton University, Outstanding Faculty Service Award for work with
    disadvantaged minority students.

  • 1996
    James Anderson Medal for Applied Geography, Association of American
    Geographers, highest award for applied geography in North America.

Refereed Books:

Race, Ethnicity, and Place. Third Edition. Revised and updated. Co-edited with Norah F. Henry and E. L. Tettey-Fio. SUNY Press, 2016 (author/co-author of 5 chapters).


Refereed Articles/Book Chapters:

  • "Indian-American Landscapes in Queens, N. Y.: Ethnic Tensions in Place Making." Chapter 7
    In Ethno-Architecture and the Politics of Migration. M. Lozanovska (ed.). Oxford:
    Routledge Press (Accepted for publication, forthcoming).
  • "Applied Geography. Then and Now." Papers in Applied Geography, Volume 1, No. 1.
    pp. 7-17, 2015.

  • "Asian Indian Settlement Patterns in Select American Gateways," with Milton Harvey, et al.
    (forthcoming, 2015). Springer Press.

  • "Evolving Ethnic Settlements in Queens: Historical and Current Forces Reshaping Human
    Geography," with Brendan McGovern. Focus on Geography. Journal of the American
    Geographical Society. Vol. 58, No. 1, 2015, pp. 11-26.

  • "Immigrant Experiences and Integration Trajectories in North American Cities: An
    Overview and Commentary on Themes and Concepts." Housing and Economic
    Experiences of Immigrants in North American Cities. C. Teixeira and W. Li (eds).
    Toronto: University of Toronto Press), 2015, pp. 355-375.

  • "Applied Geography," Elsevier International Encyclopedia of the Social Sciences.
    Susan Hanson and others, editors. (6,500 words), 2014.

  • "Visualization of Racial-Ethnic Geography in the Classroom." Teaching Ethnic
    Geography in the 21st Century. Lawrence Estaville. Edris Montalvo, and Fenda
    Akiwumi, editors, National Council of Geographic education, December 2014, pp. 17-29.

  • "Foreword," The Immigration and Settlement of Asian Indians in Phoenix, Arizona
    1965-2011, E. Skop (editors: J. W. Frazier and N. F. Henry). 2012. E. Mellen Press.

  • "Asian 'Indian-ness' and Place Visibility: Landscapes in Queens, N. Y." in REP in a
    Changing America, 2011, Second Edition, SUNY Press, pp. 339-359.

  • "Major Racial/Ethnic Groups" (Chapter 6) with M. E. Reisinger in S. D. Brunn, et. al.,
    Atlas of the 2008 Elections, 2011, pp. 213-224, Rowan & Littlefield Publishers, Inc.

Professional Activity

  • Founder and Director of International Race, Ethnicity and Place Conferences, 2000 to Present.

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