Geography Department GIS analyst

Lucius S. Willis

Computer Cartographer/GIS Analyst

Room: OJ-129

Phone: 607-777-6155


Education: MA, Binghamton University, 1983

Teaching specialties:

  • GIS
  • GPS
  • Air Photo Interpretation

Research interests:

  • GIS Applications

Recent projects/research undertaken:

  • Broome County, NY., Geographic Analysis for Broome County Aging Futures Project II, 2002, Co-Director (with John Frazier)
  • Tioga County, NY., Preparation of Digital Base Maps for Political Redistricting in Tioga County, 2001, Director
  • Broome County, NY., Broome County GIS Development, 2001, Co-Director (with John Frazier and Eugene Tettey-Fio)

Recent publications:

  • The Use of a 3-D Mapping Technique to Portray Racial and Ethnic Change," in Multicultural Geographies in the United States, John Frazier and Florence Margai, editors (Forthcoming).
  • "A Discussion of Three Dimensional Mapping and Its Potential for Use in Selected Studies of Human Geography," Research in Contemporary and Applied Geography: A Discussions Series, Department of Geography, Binghamton University (Volume XXV-2001), (with John Frazier).

Last Updated: 9/27/16