A sampling of publications by Geography Department faculty and staff

Mark Blumler
Associate Professor

Near Eastern pollen diagrams and "deforestation." Middle States Geographer 40:150-157, 2007.

John Frazier

Race, Ethnicity, and Place. Second Edition. Revised and updated. Co-edited with Norah F. Henry and E. L. Tettey-Fio. SUNY Press, 2011 (author/co-author of 5 chapters).

"Indian-American Landscapes in Queens, N. Y.: Ethnic Tensions in Place Making." Chapter 7 In Ethno-Architecture and the Politics of Migration. M. Lozanovska (ed.). Oxford: Routledge Press (Accepted for publication, forthcoming).

"Evolving Ethnic Settlements in Queens: Historical and Current Forces Reshaping Human
Geography," with Brendan McGovern. Focus on Geography. Journal of the American
Geographical Society. Vol. 58, No. 1, 2015, pp. 11-26.

"Immigrant Experiences and Integration Trajectories in North American Cities: An
Overview and Commentary on Themes and Concepts." Housing and Economic
Experiences of Immigrants in North American Cities. C. Teixeira and W. Li (eds).
Toronto: University of Toronto Press), 2015, pp. 355-375.

Mark Reisinger
Associate Professor and Director of Undergraduate Studies

Conklin, Nicole and M.E. Reisinger, 2006. "Assessing social and physical vulnerability to a terrorist attack: a case study in Norfolk, Virginia. The Pennsylvania Geographer, 44(2): 147-175.

Meyer, Gregory S. and M.E. Reisinger, 2006. "Bio-tech innovation clustering in Indianapolis."In Papers of the Applied Geography Conference, B.E. Montz and G.A. Tobin (eds.) 28: (forthcoming).

Frazier, John W. and Mark E. Reisinger. 2006. "The new South in perspective: observations and commentary."In H. A. Smith and O. J. Furuseth (eds.) The New South: Latinos and the Transformation of Space,Burlington, VT: Ashgate Publishing, pp. 257-283.(forthcoming).

Eugene Tettey-Fio
Assistant Professor and Director of Graduate Studies

"Race and Place: Equity Issues in Urban America". (with J. W. Frazier and F.M. Margai), Westview Press, 2003.

Lucius Willis
Computer Cartographer/GIS Analyst

The Use of a 3-D Mapping Technique to Portray Racial and Ethnic Change," in Multicultural Geographies in the United States, John Frazier and Florence Margai, editors (Forthcoming).

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