A sampling of publications by Geography Department faculty

Mark Blumler
Associate Professor

Near Eastern pollen diagrams and "deforestation." Middle States Geographer 40:150-157, 2007.

John Frazier

Race, Ethnicity and Place in a Changing America, (editor, with E. L. Tettey-Fio), Binghamton, NY: Global Academic Publishing, 2006.(Author or co-author of five chapters and senior editor.)

Florence Margai
Professor and Associate Dean


Margai, F. M. Environmental Health Hazards and Social Justice: Geographical Perspectives on Race and Class Disparities (Earthscan Ltd ) December 2010.


Margai, F.M., and F.B. Barry. 2011. "Global Geographies of Environmental injustice and health: The Case of illegal hazardous waste dumping in Cote d'Ivoire". In J.Mantaay and S.L. McClafferty(eds). Geospatial Analysis of Environmental Health. Springer, The Netherlands.

Margai, F.M (with T.Oyana). 2010. "Spatial Patterns and Health Disparities in Pediatric Lead Exposure in Chicago: Characteristics and Profiles of High-Risk Neighborhoods", The Professional Geographer, 62: 1,46-65.

Margai, F.M. "Place Vulnerability to Climate Change and Environmental Hazards: Geographic Tools and Perspectives for Assessing Emergent Health Risks". Binghamton University Research Magazine. 2010.

Mark Reisinger
Associate Professor and Director of Undergraduate Studies

Conklin, Nicole and M.E. Reisinger, 2006. "Assessing social and physical vulnerability to a terrorist attack: a case study in Norfolk, Virginia. The Pennsylvania Geographer, 44(2): 147-175.

Meyer, Gregory S. and M.E. Reisinger, 2006. "Bio-tech innovation clustering in Indianapolis."In Papers of the Applied Geography Conference, B.E. Montz and G.A. Tobin (eds.) 28: (forthcoming).

Frazier, John W. and Mark E. Reisinger. 2006. "The new South in perspective: observations and commentary."In H. A. Smith and O. J. Furuseth (eds.) The New South: Latinos and the Transformation of Space,Burlington, VT: Ashgate Publishing, pp. 257-283.(forthcoming).

Eugene Tettey-Fio
Assistant Professor and Director of Graduate Studies

"Race and Place: Equity Issues in Urban America". (with J. W. Frazier and F.M. Margai), Westview Press, 2003.

Lucius Willis
Computer Cartographer/GIS Analyst

The Use of a 3-D Mapping Technique to Portray Racial and Ethnic Change," in Multicultural Geographies in the United States, John Frazier and Florence Margai, editors (Forthcoming).

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