Undergraduate Program

The Geography Department offers students the opportunity to study a number of contemporary programs such as physical resource development, urban decay, business geography, pollution and other human problems. Geography stresses strategies for solving locational and environmental problems. Map design, computer mapping, GIS, statistics and the use of remotely sensed data are central to the field.

The department offers six tracks within its BA program:

  • The General Geography curriculum encourages interdisciplinary work;
  • the Computer Applications in Geography specialization emphasizes computers and related automated techniques used in geographic analysis;
  • the Environmental Track focuses on environmental and natural resource management.
  • the Urban and Regional Planning Track.
  • the Urban Economic/Retailing Track.

All five tracks provide preparation for graduate work and careers in public and private planning agencies. The courses emphasize the problem approach, both theoretical and applied. Double majors are encouraged and special programs may be designed on request.

The Geography Department views the grade of D as passing but unsatisfactory. Courses passed with a grade of D, or P, do not fulfill requirements for the major.

Independent study courses (GEOG 397) count toward the major tracks only with the approval of the director of undergraduate studies. Each track requires a minimum of five geography courses.

For further details contact :

Mark Reisigner
Director of Undergraduate Studies
E-mail : mareisin@binghamton.edu
Phone : 607.777.2864

Five-Year BA/Master’s Program

The program is designed for exceptional Binghamton University students who want to combine a BA and master’s degree in five years. Students in the program receive a BA and a master’s at the end of the program. The requirements for completion of the combined BA/master’s degree are identical to those for completion of two separate degrees. However, because 16 credits of coursework taken for the master’s degree (500 level courses) also count for the undergraduate degree, students are able to complete the course requirements for the BA in four years and the course requirements for the combined BA/master’s degree in five years. By completing the BA requirements during the first four years, students are assured of the bachelor’s degree if, for any reason, they do not complete the fifth year.

Students are encouraged to declare their interest in the program as soon as possible. Contact either Mark Reisinger, the director of undergraduate studies, or John Frazier, director of graduate studies. A limited number of students are accepted into the program at the end of the junior year. Students should begin the application process early in the junior year by applying to the combined degree program at the departmental level. The student will complete a departmental application, including a statement of purpose, transcripts, and the recommendation of two geography faculty members.


Last Updated: 9/27/16