24-channel Shallow Seismic Reflection Instruments

Through an NSF Instrumentation grant, we have recently purchased high-resolution shallow seismic reflection/refraction equipment for use in active geophysical experiments. This includes:

  • Geometrics Strataview 24-channel seismograph
    • 18-bit digitizer
    • Sampling rate 31-2000 microseconds
    • Digital acquisition and display filters
    • Signal stacking and correlation
    • 486DX33 CPU with 420 Mbyte hard disk
    • LCD display, thermal printer, floppy disk drive
  • 25 100-Hz geophones, with cables
  • 50 40-Hz geophones with 48-takeout cables, roll box
  • sledgehammer and "Buffalo gun" sources
  • wagon fitted with cable spools, wagon for equipment
  • EavesDropper3 processing software for PC
  • SU (Seismic Unix) processing software for Unix workstations

To date, the equipment has been used primarily in teaching, particularly in the Applied Geophysics class (GEOL 453/553). We anticipate that as graduate students become familiar with the safe use of the equipment, its use in research in areas such as sedimentology, neotectonics, hydrology and seismology will increase.

Last Updated: 1/6/15