Binghamton X-ray Diffractometer Facility

Philips X'pert MPD

The Philips X-pert MPD X-ray diffractometer is fully automated and has the following basic configuration and capabilities:

  1. Theta-theta configuration with operational range of 0-157 degrees 2-theta
  2. Cu radiation with curved graphite monochromomator and proportional detector
  3. Focusing circle is 200mm in radius
  4. Fixed divergence and anti-scatter slits from 1/4 - 2 degrees
  5. Sample holder for disks or slides up to 4 cm (1.5 in) in diameter
  6. High-temperature stage capable of heating samples to 600 C
  7. Powder patterns can be saved in a variety of digital or graphic image formats
  8. Sample identification can be done using the ICDD database with Philips software

Last Updated: 1/6/15