Sedimentology and Surface Processes

The sedimentology program is strongly rock oriented with current research focusing on the Eocene Green River Formation of Colorado and Wyoming and carbonate rocks in the northeastern states. We study modern sedimentary systems to better understand physical, chemical and biological processes at the Earth's surface. Current research focuses on the chemistry of ancient seawater; long-term survival of extreme microorganisms in fluid inclusions; and brine evolution, evaporate deposition and microbial ecosystems in high-salinity closed basin sedimentary systems and other "extreme" environments. Research on surficial processes include computer modeling studies of ocean-atmosphere interactions and computer models of earthquake wave – unconsolidated sediment interactions, and factors affecting preservation of organic matter in sedimentary basins.


Jeff Barker– earthquake seismology

Steve Dickman– whole Earth geophysics

Bob Demicco– carbonate sedimentology, computer modeling of sedimentary systems, paleoseawater chemistry

Peter Knuepfer– geomorphology/Quaternary geology/paleoclimate

Tom Kulp– Heavy metal metabolism in microbial ecosystems

Tim Lowenstein– Green River Formation, microbes in fluid inclusions, paleoseawater chemistry

Jeffrey Pietras - Sedimentology and stratigraphy, Basin analysis, Petroleum geology and geochemistry

Recent theses and dissertations in Sedimentology and Surficial Processes

Nirupam Dey (PhD) - Dissertation title: TOPEX Data Analaysis to Infer Earth's Rotational Fluctuations Forced by the Oceanic Response to Atmospheric Pressure Variations.

John T. Murphy (MS) - Thesis title:  Preservation of the Primary Lake Signatures in Alkaline Earth Carbonates of the Eoncene Green River Wilkins Peak-Laney Member Transition Zone.

Khashayar Mortazavi (MS) - Thesis title:  Sedimentologic Observation and Stratigraphic Interpretation of the Manlius Fromation along the Hudson Valley in Eastern New York.

John Bigolski (MS) – Thesis title: An Inferred Sea Level Curve from Carbonate Depositional Facies of the Middle Cambrian Elbrook Formation, Western Maryland, U.S.A.

Kathryn E. Gragg (MS) – Thesis title: Preservation of Microorganisms within Halite Fluid Inclusions from the Salar de Uyuni, Bolivia.

Kuo-chen Hao (PhD) – Dissertation title: Imaging Deep Structure Under the Taiwan Orogen: Toward Tectonic Model Testing.

En-Jui Lee (MS) – Thesis title: Joint Local/Teleseismic Tomographic Inverstion in Taiwan Using Taiger and Other Data.

Nicolas Miller (MS) – Thesis title: Historic Channel Change on Esopus Creek, Upstream of the Ashokan Reservoir, Catskills, New York.

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