Environmental Geosciences

Environmental Geoscience provides an understanding of Earth's environmental systems from chemical, physical, and biological perspectives. The undergraduate and graduate program in environmental geoscience includes possibilities for research in hydrogeology, environmental geochemistry, low temperature geochemistry, contaminant transport, paleoclimatology, surficial processes, and microbial biogeochemistry. Coordination with the Center for Integrated Watershed Studies (C.I.W.S.) allows students to work with faculty members and students from the Biology and Geography programs at Binghamton University on interdisciplinary watershed topics that involve water quality and quantity, pollutant source characterization, flooding, environmental health from ecosystem and human perspectives, applications of spatial analysis tools, and initiatives related to energy resources and sustainability from rural and urban perspectives. Research projects may involve field investigations to explore in-situ rates and mechanisms of environmentally relevant chemical and microbiological processes as well as bench-scale laboratory research on these and related topics.


Jeff Barker– environmental Geophysics
Joe Graney– environmental low temperature geochemistry, watershed material cycling
Peter Knuepfer – geomorphology, Quaternary geology, paleoclimate
Tom Kulp– geomicrobiology
Karen Salvage– geohydrology

Recent Theses and Dissertations in Environmental Geoscience

Lee Terry (MS) - Thesis title:  Autotrophic Oxidation of Antimony(III) by Bacteria Isolated from Contaminated Mine Sediments

Jason D. Johnson (PhD) - Dissertation title: Coupling Geochemistry and Real-time Water Quality Sensing for Identifying and Quantifying Basin Brine and Road Salt Sources in Watersheds Along the New York Pennsylvania Border.

John W. McCann (MS) - Thesis title: Cumulative Impact of Highly Variable Land Use within a New York Watershed.

Megan L. Fronckowiak (MS) - Thesis title: Variations in Downstream Hydraulic Geometry of the West Kill in the Catskill Mountains, New York, and Comparison with Stony Clove and other Catskill Streams.

Stephen Catalfamo (MS) – Thesis title: Assessment of Stream Flow Response and Water Quality Within a Small Tropical Watershed in Costa Rica.

Lisa M. Cousineau (MS) – Thesis title: Pharmaceutical and Personal Care Product Concentrations in the Upper Susquehanna River.

Lynette Vayo (MS) – Thesis title: Characterization of the Hydrogeology of the Bedrock Aquifer in Rural Vestal, NY.

Joanna Charlann Walker (MA) – Thesis title: Effects of the Broome County Municipal Landfill's Clay Cap on the Surface and Groundwater Hydrology of the Castle Creek Watershed.

Dawn Washo (MS) – Thesis title: Using Membrane Interface Probe (MIP) to Characterize Chlorinated Volatile Organic Compounds in Glacial Sediments

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