The Council/Foundation Award for service to the University is the combined award of the Binghamton Council and the Binghamton Foundation presented annually to individuals from the University community.

Awards are given, one each to a faculty member, a staff member, an undergraduate student, and a graduate student, to those who have served the campus with outstanding dedication and who have provided exemplary service and/or leadership to the University. Recipients receive a $1,000 check and a certificate that will be presented to the students at the President's Award Luncheon in the spring and at the Excellence Awards Dinner in the fall for faculty and staff.

2013 Award Winners

Faculty - Gerald E. Kadish, Ph.D.

Staff - Mary Beth Curtin '82, MAT '86, MA '87

Graduate Student - Nicole M. Santalucia '02

Undergraduate Student - Lindsay M. Dunlop '13



Gerald E. Kadish, Ph.D.
Distinguished Teaching Professor of History and Near Eastern Studies

Kadish—a "Binghamton University/Harpur College legend" and "institutional treasure," according to his nominators—is retiring this year after completing his 50th year of service to the University. Kadish was named a distinguished teaching professor in 2007 and is one of four distinguished professors featured on the Harpur College Wall of Excellence.

His scholarly activities include editorial work for journals and encyclopedias on ancient Egypt, and as a translation reviewer in German and French. He has written numerous articles and co-authored a book, The 23rd Dynasty Chapel of Osiris Ruler-of-Eternity in Karnak.

"Gerry is an immensely popular teacher even though he has a reputation for being demanding," one of his nominators wrote. "Whether they graduated in the 1960s or the 1990s, alumni often commented on how Gerry inspired them, helped them learn about the world, and challenged them to work at a level that they thought they could never reach."

Kadish received the Chancellor's Award for Excellence in Teaching in 1976. The Binghamton University Foundation also named him Volunteer of the Year in 2001.


Mary Beth Curtin '82, MAT '86, MA '87
Assistant Vice President for Strategic Research Initiatives

Described by one of her nominators as "an essential lynchpin at this University," Curtin has been a key participant of the team working on the smart energy initiative and the Southern Tier High-Technology Incubator slated to open in downtown Binghamton. She oversees the Organized Research Centers and is responsible for all research space planning for the campus.

Curtin's 25-year career at Binghamton has also included key roles related to grant and contract administration as well as government relations. Prior to her current role as assistant vice president for strategic research initiatives, Curtin was associate director of the Small Scale Systems Integration and Packaging Center (S3IP), a New York State Center of Excellence.

"Mary Beth demonstrates a multi-faceted, deep and abiding dedication to Binghamton University every day," one of her nominators wrote. "She is a leader within the Division of Research, a mentor to new colleagues and a true team player who pitches in whenever and wherever she can make a difference."

Curtin is co-chair of the University Road Map team focused on creative activities and research. She also serves on the Alumni Association Board of Directors.

Graduate Student

Nicole M. Santalucia '02
English Literature, Rhetoric & Composition, and Creative Writing
Harpur College of Arts and Sciences

In 2012, Santalucia founded The Binghamton Poetry Project, a literary outreach program that features free poetry workshops led by creative writing instructors from the University. The workshops, held at the Broome County Public Library and other locations in the community, educate youth and adults on how to write and read creatively.

She is a mentor to graduate students, director of a graduate student readers' series and worked with a local elementary school and bookstore to showcase fifth-grade students' poems and photographs about the 2011 flood and its impact.

"Throughout her years at Binghamton University, she has continually sought new ways to serve her fellow students and the local community, with an impressive degree of success," her nominators wrote.

Santalucia is a 2013 Graduate Excellence Award winner in the service and outreach category. She expects to receive her doctorate in English literature, rhetoric & composition, and creative writing next year.

Undergraduate Student

Lindsay M. Dunlop '13
Human Development
College of Community and Public Affairs

As lead intern, Dunlop worked with the American Cancer Society on a research program called Cancer Prevention Study-3 to examine factors such as genetics, lifestyle choices and environment and the incidence of cancer. Dunlop helped recruit 650 community members to join the national study.

"Lindsay was instrumental in keeping a complex, large scale project with many moving parts on track, often with only virtual oversight," one of her nominators wrote.

Another nominator said, "Rarely have I seen an undergraduate student commit herself with such dedication to a significant study with potential long-range impact for citizens of our community."

Dunlop, described as one of CCPA's most outstanding students, has been accepted into the Baccalaureate Accelerated Track program in the Decker School of Nursing.

Last Updated: 1/8/14