Binghamton University is a special place, and it holds a special place in the hearts and minds of its alumni and the entire University community. So many of us are grateful for the gift of the education and experiences the University gave us. Whether in wisdom from a professor, financial support or the encouragement of friends and family, all of us have been helped in ways large and small. Now each of us has the opportunity to give back — to help others as we were helped.

Binghamton is one of the premier public universities in the nation, but it needs our help to continue to grow and excel. The Binghamton University Foundation and its Board of Directors work with the University to raise and manage money to support the school's mission. Your support helps us provide scholarships, fund important cutting-edge research and enhance programs that enrich our students' educational experience. Your assistance helps ensure that Binghamton remains a leader among elite public institutions.

Philanthropy is important. As donors, we help to create solutions to fundamental problems, and supporting Binghamton can make a real difference. Your support helps Binghamton attract the best students and faculty. It helps train tomorrow's leaders. And it helps make the world a better place.

I urge you to help us by making an investment in Binghamton. Please give a donation or a commitment of your time to learn more about Binghamton and the Foundation. Every individual, no matter how modest his or her contribution, can make a difference. Your support can help transform lives.

Please join us as we work with President Stenger toward the ambitious goal of making Binghamton "The Premier Public." Let's make good things happen.


 Steve Bloom



Steven H. Bloom '78, LHD '10
Chair, Binghamton University Foundation Board of Directors

Last Updated: 2/7/17