Why I Give

Allen and Anita Frank have supported the Binghamton Fund for more than 30 years.

"When you say you went to Binghamton, there's an instant status that's conferred upon you," Anita '70 says. "I loved it there. I got a wonderful liberal arts education."

"It gave me an awful lot, and I want to give back to kids who can't do it on their own," says Allen '67, MA '69

"I feel inspired by students' dedication to their studies and activities. It has been a joy to see outstanding students receive support and move on toward remarkable achievements." – Libby Tucker, English professor

"When I thought about the places and people that helped me, Binghamton was pretty prominent," says Dr. Michael Needle '81, chief medical officer at Array BioPharma.

Binghamton helped Needle develop the problem-solving and writing skills he's used throughout his career. Needle says it's rewarding to see the impact of his support.

In addition to being a Binghamton Fund Leadership Society member, Needle serves on the Binghamton University Foundation Board of Directors and helps the Binghamton Fund, the University's annual giving program, raise funds through direct-mail outreach.

"This is a terrific university, and anything I've done to make it one pebble better is something I take quite a bit of pride in," he says. "But the best reason? It's fun. You meet all sorts of people—like-minded people who donate their time and expertise to help Binghamton."

Last Updated: 10/31/16