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Alumnus invests in Binghamton

You have a role in student success

Vincent Daniel

When you're the underdog, every bit of support helps.

That's one reason why Vincent Daniel '94 says he regularly offers his time, expertise and charitable gifts to support Binghamton University and its students.

Daniel says there weren't many financial firms recruiting at Binghamton when he was a student. Still, he was bitten by the excitement of working on Wall Street. So he majored in accounting, thinking it would give him a solid foundation and carved-out path from classroom to career.

"In many respects, you're the hardworking underdogs. There's something inside of me that loves that," says Daniel, general partner of Seawolf Capital in Manhattan, a hedge fund he
co-founded. "Wall Street recruits Ivy League kids. They will recruit music majors from Princeton. To do what we do, to get your foot in the door from Binghamton, you have to be an extremely hard worker. ...

"Dean Dhillon and everyone else have done an unbelievable job of getting Wall Street to know Binghamton University."

The connection between alumni and students has been critical in growing Binghamton's reputation among elite public business schools, says Upinder Dhillon, dean of the School of

"In particular, Vincent's investment in the school and the mentoring and summer internship opportunities he has provided for our students has a significant impact," Dhillon says. "He brings a unique perspective due to his contrarian
approach to investing, which is highlighted in The Big Short."

For Daniel, it is important to stay involved and invested in Binghamton. He has been a judge for the Finance Society's stock pitch competition and taught an arbitrage and capital markets research class on campus.

"Binghamton had a profound impact on my life," he says. "It is one of the reasons why I'm where I am today. If I'm in a position to give back, why not do so?"

 The Big Short movie

The Big Short, Michael Lewis' 2010 best-selling book on the subprime mortgage crisis, is being made into a movie that will reportedly star Brad Pitt, Ryan Gosling, Christian Bale and Steve Carell.

"The whole thing is surreal to me," Daniel says.

Daniel foresaw the 2008 implosion of the financial industry, according to a fall 2010 article in Binghamton University

Considered one of the heroes in The Big Short, Daniel understood the shaky underpinnings of the real-estate bubble
and invested millions on the assumption the mortgage market would collapse.

Last Updated: 1/20/17