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Graduate Council and Cabinet


The Graduate Council is the governing body of The Graduate School and consists of the Dean of the Graduate School, faculty members elected from the graduate faculty and graduate students designated annually by The Graduate Student Organization. The Graduate Council establishes regulations for The Graduate School, reviews and approves proposed graduate courses and programs, develops standards for the admission and matriculation of graduate students, and recommends priorities for the allocation of graduate support resources.

Members of the 2013-16 Graduate Council

Susan Strehle, Vice Provost and Dean of The Graduate School (2013)
Nancy E. Stamp, Vice Provost and Dean of The Graduate School (2010-2012)

Faculty Representatives: Appt. Term 
David Bartine, English 2012-2015
Cassandra Bransford, CCPA, Social Work 2012-2015
George Catalano, Watson School, Bioengineering 2011-2014
Subimal Chatterjee, School of Management 2012-2015
Kenneth McLeod, Watson School, Bioengineering 2013-2016
Nicholas Kaldis, Asian and Asian American Studies 2011-2014
Gerald Kutcher, History 2012-2015
Kristina Lambright, CCPA, Public Administration 2012-2015
Norah Henry, Geography 2013-2016
Susan Lu, Watson School, SSIE 2011-2014
Shelley Dionne, School of Management 2013-2016
Serdar Atav, Decker School of Nursing 2013-2016
Chuck Nelson, Physics 2012-2015
Adam Laats, School of Education 2013-2016
Benita Roth, Sociology 2011-2014
Omowunmi Sadik, Chemistry 2011-2014
Steven Tammariello, Biology 2011-2014
Libby Tucker, English 2011-2014
Linda Wong, Economics 2012-2015
Timothy Singler, Watson School, Mechanical Engineering 2011-2014
Karen Bromley, School of Education 2013-2016
Pamela Smart, Anthropology 2013-2016

Graduate Student Representatives:
Samantha Fox
Peter Fiduccia

Ex Officio:
Sarah Lam, Associate Dean of The Graduate School
Paul Parker, Associate Vice President for Research
Mary Beth Curtin, Assistant Vice President for  Strategic Research Initiatives 
Elizabeth Brown, University Library Representative


The Graduate Cabinet, an informal body comprised of the graduate associate deans of the schools and colleges, the chairs of departments, directors of graduate programs and representatives of The Graduate School, convenes a few times each semester in order to discuss important issues relevant to graduate education. Although the Cabinet has no bylaws or legislative authority, its discussions contribute greatly to the excellence of the University.

Topics of past meetings have included:

  • "Alumni Development" led by Mary Woolson, Associate Vice President for Development
  • "Leadership Workshop" led by Dr. Brent Ruben, Director of the Center for Organizational Development & Leadership, Rutgers University
  • "Career and Professional Development" with a panel representing the Career & Development Center, Center for Quality, Technology Training Center and Library Services
  • "Sharing Best Practices About Recruitment" led by Dean Nancy Stamp

 You can download the April 3, 2013 Graduate Cabinet presentation by Dean Strehle here.

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Last Updated: 7/25/14