Master of Arts in Applied Liberal Studies

Internship Integration

Career-Directed Professional Preparation

The Master of Arts in Applied Liberal Studies (MAALS) program bridges traditional undergraduate disciplines with advanced professional practices to enable students to transition from a broad liberal arts undergraduate education to superior performance as professionals in a variety of career fields. This is accomplished through a series of core courses to develop analytical, critical, research, communication and teamwork skills.

Internship Integration

The MAALS program integrates two semesters of internship experiences, which enables students to apply academic knowledge in real world practice at employer sites. This combination of academic and experiential learning prepares students for various professional positions upon graduation. The internship experiences take place in the summer after the first year of the program and into the following fall semester. Internship sites will be in the Binghamton area as well as in other locations. Internship experience aims to provide workplace knowledge so students are workplace-ready upon graduation.


Alumni employers have already recognized the innovative nature of the MAALS program:

I have been recruiting students from Binghamton University for the past five years. The MAALS program will be yet another source of smart, talented and hardworking students prepared for the ever changing employment workforce.
Jeff Zomback, Head of Treasury, Paramount Group


I am very excited to hear about the Master in Applied Liberal Studies (MAALS) program. As a hiring manager it is essential that my company is able to employ highly qualified candidates that have both the educational background and work experience to be a productive and effective employees. The MAALS program will develop the necessary aptitude that employers like MUFG will need to remain competitive in today’s global economy.
Donald Mones, Director Third Party Vendor Risk Management, MUFG Union Bank, N.A.

Fleishman Center Support for MAALS

The MAALS program has been designed to include two semesters of internship experience. A staff member in the Fleishman Center for Career and Professional Development will be reaching out to employer sites to secure internships and help students connect with internship opportunities. Students enrolled in the MAALS program are invited to meet with Bill McCarthy from the Fleishman Center to talk about internship experiences and sites they wish to pursue and explore as well as to develop application materials such as résumés and cover letters, practice and perfect interviewing skills, and hone other career and professional development skills.

Internship Questions

Contact Bill McCarthy, talent acquisition specialist for the MAALS program, at

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Last Updated: 3/28/17