The Graduate School

Graduate Faculty Awards

Each year, the Graduate School recognizes the important contributions of graduate faculty to the excellence of graduate education at the University with the Outstanding Graduate Director Award.

See deadlines for nominating faculty for awards.

Outstanding Graduate Director Award

The Award for Outstanding Graduate Director recognizes the exemplary service of the University’s graduate directors. Selection criteria includes:

  • oversight of recruitment, admissions, and student progress-to-degree in a manner that facilitates program goals
  • smooth day-to-day operations (e.g. oversight of funding appointments such that students receive offers and funding on time)
  • oversight of the graduate program’s written documents (e.g. graduate student files, Graduate School Manual)
  • attention to “continual improvement” as documented by quantitative program indictors (e.g. increased retention; reduced time-to-degree; increased number of quality applicants or admitted or enrolled students; increased average GRE/GMAT of applicants or admitted students)
  • innovations that are approved and sustained by the department or program (e.g. mentoring system, career and professional development focus, new certificates or tracks)

Nominees must have served as Graduate Director for at least two calendar years as of the nomination deadline. Nominations are restricted to Graduate Directors currently serving, or just having completed an appointment as Graduate Director. Normally nominations of faculty whose work as a Graduate Director substituted for other tasks expected as part of a normal faculty workload will not qualify for the award.

The nomination dossier must contain:

  • a letter of endorsement from the Chair of the department
  • letters of endorsement from at least two other faculty members
  • a letter of endorsement from the president of the department’s graduate student organization. The letter should include a survey of graduate student opinion
  • a summary of accomplishments as Graduate Director (1 inch margins, 12 pt. font; not to exceed 4 pages)
  • a current curriculum vitae of the nominee
  • a narrative paragraph (100-150 words) highlighting the nominee’s achievements in a manner suitable for distribution to Inside Binghamton University.

Submit nominations electronically to the Graduate School by the deadline listed in the awards calendar.

Recent Awardees

Graduate Director

2014-15 - Prof. Mohammad Khasawneh, Systems Science and Industrial Engineering

2013-14 - Prof. Les Lander, Computer Science

2012-13 - Prof. Mark Fowler, Electrical and Computer Engineering

2010-11 - Prof. Nancy Um, Art History

2009-10 - Prof. Theresa Grabo, Decker School of Nursing

2008-09 - Prof. Andrew Walkling, Theatre

2007-08 - Prof. Lisa Tessman, Philosophy

2006-07 - Prof. James Constable, Electrical and Computer Engineering

2006-07 - Associate Dean George Bobinski, School of Management

2005-06 - Prof. A. P. Thomas Sinclair, Public Administration

2004-05 - Prof. Joyce Ferrario, Decker School of Nursing

Graduate Mentoring

2013-14 - Prof. Kelvin Santiago-Valles, Sociology

2013-14 - Prof. Kalpesh Desai, School of Management

2011-12 - Prof. David Doetschman, Chemistry

2009-10 - Prof. Albrecht Inhoff, Psychology

2009-09 - Prof. Bat-Ami Bar On, Philosophy

2007-08 - Prof. Dale Tomich, Sociology

2006-07 - Prof. Jeffner Allen, Philosophy, Interpretation and Culture Program

2005-06 - Prof. Thomas A. P. Sinclair, Public Administration

2004-05 - Prof. Ralph Miller, Psychology

2003-04 - Prof. Gale A. Spencer, Decker School of Nursing, and Prof. Albert A. Dekin Jr., Anthropology

2002-03 - Prof. Marilynn Desmond, of English

2001-02 - Prof. Luise-Charlotte Kappe, Mathematical Sciences

2001-02 - Prof. Hari Srihari, Systems Science and Industrial Engineering

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