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Asian Greek Council (AGC)

The Asian Greek Council is established to promote unity among Asian Greek-lettered organizations and to bringawareness of Asian/Asian American culture and heritage not only to their respective organizations but also to the community as a whole. Comprised of multicultural Asian-interest Fraternities and Sororities, The Asian Greek Council addresses concerns affecting the Asian community on campus and at large by partaking in cultural, education, political and philanthropic events. Through this council we hope to encourage a better understanding and communication amongst all Greek organizations.



ΙΝΔ - Iota Nu Delta

ΝΑΦ - Nu Alpha Phi

ΠΔΨ - Pi Delta Psi



ΔΚΔ - Delta Kappa Delta

ΚΦΛ - Kappa Phi Lambda

ΣΨΖ - Sigma Psi Zeta


Last Updated: 8/14/14