Message from the InterFraternity Council President:

Hello and welcome to the Binghamton InterFraternity Council website,

My name is McDonald and I am the president of the InterFraternity Council. As the largest Greek council at Binghamton University, we pride ourselves on our commitment to brotherhood and developing true gentlemen. Greek life has long been a staple of the American college experience and here at Binghamton we continue the tradition that was originally envisioned by fraternity men of the 1800s.

While we are a socially oriented council, our 17 chapters have something for everyone. Chapters from some of the largest social fraternities in the world can be found at Binghamton University, yet those interested in culturally based organizations or local fraternities can find what they're looking for as well. Above all, the IFC exists to foster bonds of brotherhood that are built both within individual fraternities and among the council as a whole. It is our hope that joining any chapter of the InterFraternity Council will not only offer a rewarding college experience, but will lead to a lifetime of friendships built around commons values. As such is the life of a fraternity man, whose engagement with the community is centered on the pillars of social, professional, academic, and philanthropic endeavors. Thank you and I hope to see many of you during this year's events.

Yours Truly,

James McDonald
InterFraternity Council President '14 

Recognized Fraternity Organizations

ΑΕΠ- Alpha Epsilon Pi 

ΧΦ - Chi Phi

ΔΣΦ - Delta Sigma Phi 

ΚΣ - Kappa Sigma

ΛΦΕ - Lambda Phi Epsilon

ΠΚΦ - Pi Kappa Phi

ΠΚΑ - Pi Kappa Alpha

ΠΛΦ - Pi Lambda Phi

ΦΚΨ - Phi Kappa Psi

ΣΑΕ - Sigma Alpha Epsilon

ΣΒΡ - Sigma Beta Rho

ΤΑΥ - Tau Alpha Upsilon

ΤΕΦ - Tau Epsilon Phi

ΤΚΕ - Tau Kappa Epsilon

ΘΧ - Theta Chi Colony

ΘΔΧ - Theta Delta Chi

ΖΨ - Zeta Psi

Last Updated: 8/14/14