Faculty and Staff

Deans' Office

S. G. Grant, Dean

Jean Dorak, Assistant Dean

Shawne Hartnett,  Secretary to the Deans

Tami Mann, Senior Staff Assistant


Elizabeth Anderson, Assistant Professor, Early Childhood/Early Childhood Special Education

Chesla Ann Bohinski, Assistant Professor, French and Spanish Education

Karen Bromley, Distinguished Professor, Literacy Education
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C. Beth Burch, Professor, English Education

James Carpenter, Bartle Professor, Social Studies Education

M. Sue CrowleyAssociate Professor, Education

Carol Eaton, Clinical Associate Professor, Educational Leadership

Nicole Fenty, Assistant Professor, Special Education
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Jenny Gordon, Associate Professor, Childhood Education

Hoe Kyeung Kim, Associate Professor, TESOL Education

Adam Laats, Associate Professor, Social Studies Education

Marla Mallette, Associate Professor, Literacy Education
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Loretta (Lucky) Mason-WilliamsAssistant Professor, Special Education

Matthew McConn, Assistant Professor, English Education

Candace Mulcahy, Associate Professor, Special Education
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Thomas O'Brien, Professor, Science Education
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Beverly Rainforth, Professor Emerita, Special Education

Michael Rozalski, Associate Professor, Special Education

Pamela Sandoval, Associate Professor, Education

Jean Schmittau, Professor, Mathematics Education

Lawrence C. Stedman, Associate Professor, Education

Marilyn Tallerico, Professor, Educational Leadership
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M. Jacqueline Visser, Lecturer, Literacy Education

Erin Washburn, Assistant Professor, Literacy Education
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Bogum Yoon, Associate Professor, Literacy Education

Overviews of Sample Writings by Faculty


Caroline Millen, Secretary

Jeannette Lowell, Secretary

Steve Safranek, Technology Support


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