Photo of Lawrence C. Stedman

Lawrence C. Stedman

Associate Professor, Graduate School of Education

Office: AB-243G
Phone: 607-777-4208
Fax: 607-777-3587
E-mail: stedman@binghamton.edu

Educational Background

  • PhD, Educational Policy Studies, University of Wisconsin - Madison
  • MA, Psychology, Swarthmore College
  • BA, Psychology, Swarthmore College

Courses regularly taught

  • Planning and Policy Development in Education
  • Applied Research Techniques

Current Research Interests

  • Neoliberalism and school reform
  • Historical and contemporary patterns of educational achievement
  • Transformation of the high school during the 20th century

Selected Publications

  • Stedman, L. (2014). Subverting learning and undermining democracy: A structural and political economy analysis of the standards movement. In J. DeVitis and K. Teitelbaum (Eds.), School reform critics (Chapter 4, pp. 45-58). New York: Peter Lang Publishing Group.
  • Stedman, L.  (2011).  In the name of democracy:  Educational policy and civics achievement in the standards era.  In J. DeVitis (Ed.), Citizenship education and critical civic literacy (Chapter 4, pp. 43-62).  New York:  Peter Lang Publishing Group.
  • Stedman, L. (2011). Why the standards movement failed. An educational and political diagnosis of its failure and the implications for school reform. Critical Education, 2(1). Available at http://ojs.library.ubc.ca/index.php/criticaled/article/view/182313
  • Stedman, L.  (2010).  How well does the standards movement measure up?  An analysis of achievement trends and student learning, changes in curriculum and school culture, and the impact of No Child Left Behind.  Critical Education, 1(10).  Available at  http://ojs.library.ubc.ca/index.php/criticaled/article/view/182312
  • Stedman, L. C.  (2009).  The NAEP long-term trend assessment:  A review of its transformation, use, and findings.  Washington, D.C.:  National Assessment Governing Board.  http://www.nagb.org/content/nagb/assets/documents/who-we-are/20-anniversary/stedman-long-term-formatted.pdf
  • Stedman, L. C. (2003). Brilliant success and persistent failure: U.S. educational achievement in the 20th century. In R. Weissberg, H. Walberg, M. O'Brien, & C. Bartels-Kuster (Eds.), Long-term trends in the well-being of children and youth, (Chapter 3). Washington, D.C.: Child Welfare League of America Press.
  • Stedman, L. C. (1998). An assessment of the contemporary debate over U.S. achievement. In D. Ravitch (Ed.), Brookings papers on education policy: 1998 , (pp. 53-121). Washington, D.C.: The Brookings Institution.
  • Stedman, L. C. (1997). International achievement differences: An assessment of a new perspective. Educational Researcher, 26 (3), 4-15. See Research Highlights to read more about this article.
  • Stedman, L. C. (1996). Respecting the evidence: The achievement crisis remains real. [Review of The manufactured crisis.] Education Policy Analysis Archives, 4(7). http://epaa.asu.edu/epaa/v4n7.html
  • Kaestle, C., Damon-Moore, H., Stedman, L., Tinsley, K., & Trollinger, W. (1991). Literacy in the United States: Readers and reading since 1880. New Haven: Yale University Press.

Selected Recognitions

  • University and Chancellor's Awards for Excellence in Teaching, 1995
  • National Academy of Education Spencer Foundation Postdoctoral Fellowship, 1994

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