Enhancing Education Through Technology Program

The Enhancing Education Through Technology Program (E2T2) pursues three primary goals:
  1. increased access to technology for students and teachers,
  2. increased opportunity for staff development around technological literacy and integration of technology into the curriculum; and
  3. building a middle school environment that welcomes a kind of “think tank” culture where teachers have the ability to dream a future and then engage the dream.

E2T2 has infused the middle schools in the Binghamton City School District, St. John’s Catholic School (grades 6-8) and the Tutoring Center at the Broome County Urban League with wireless laptops stored on specially equipped carts so that a wireless environment can exist anywhere the carts exist. Professional development is provided to address teachers’ needs relating to technology and the integration of technology into the curriculum through methods such as summer institutes, Learn-a-New-Thing-Nights, after-school Shop Talks, online participation in Blackboard and Web activities, a daily listserv and technical and educational in-house support.

For additional information about E2T2, contact Dr. Paul-William Burch at 607-427-9653 or bburch@binghamton.edu.

Last Updated: 3/20/14