Information for Prospective Doctoral Students
Admission Requirements and Procedures

The EdD program seeks to enroll students who will benefit from rigorous doctoral studies in educational theory and practice and who show leadership or leadership potential in their fields of interest.

At a minimum, applicants are expected to have at least three years of experience in a school or related setting and a master's degree with an excellent grade-point average.

The program seeks to enroll a diverse group of students in any one academic year. In order to meet this goal, the admissions committee takes into consideration area(s) of teaching, research interests, other professional activities, part-time or full-time matriculation and cultural background.

All applicants to the EdD program must submit the following materials:

  • The Graduate School application for admission
  • The application fee and payment form
  • Official transcripts of all graduate course work
  • Graduate Record Examination scores. (General Test only). You may send a photocopy if available, as well as an official report, ordered from ETS to code R 2535. Applicant should consult with the EdD Program Coordinator. For more information, see Graduate Record Examinations.
  • At least two letters of recommendation - These letters should provide evidence of:
    • the ability to assume the responsibilities of rigorous academic study at the doctoral level
    • superior professional performance in a school or related setting
    • leadership ability
  • A résumé which includes current and past employment, education, professional experience, volunteer work and other experiences with children and youth, presentations and honors.
  • A personal statement of 6-8 typewritten, double-spaced pages. Please address both of the following:
    1. Your professional development and goals in relation to why you have decided to pursue doctoral studies in education. As part of this, describe a field of inquiry you might like to pursue in doctoral studies;
    2. A critical analysis of an educational issue of national importance about which you have been concerned. Reference citations may be included. THE PERSONAL STATEMENT IS A VERY IMPORTANT PART OF YOUR APPLICATION.

Application Deadlines

PLEASE NOTE CHANGE: The deadline for applications to the EDD program in the Graduate School of Education is now February 1.


Application to the Graduate School can be submitted online.

See the How to Apply page for detailed instructions regarding how to submit the application and all required materials.

Residency Requirement

Currently there is no requirement that students enroll full time for any part of the program, although they are strongly encouraged to do so. Several fellowships and graduate assistantships are available each year to full-time students.

Last Updated: 7/15/16