Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's) re: Internships

When should I approach my district's administrators about an internship?

Typically, about four months before you'd like to begin your internship. For example, if you're hoping to begin an internship at the start of the school year in September, you'd begin discussions with relevant administrators in May. That would allow time for you to request and earn the necessary district, school board (if applicable) and University approvals.

How do I "negotiate" an internship for myself?

The Personal Plan(s) that you've written for the CAS program should provide helpful reminders about which of your current competencies warrant improvement. Equally important is to think of any potential internship as the intersection of three factors:
1. Your employer's needs (i.e., what your school and district could use an extra pair of hands to help with);
2. Your career goals (i.e., experiences that could make you more marketable for the kinds of leadership positions attractive to you); and
3. State standards (i.e., current expectations for educational leaders).
Keep all these factors in mind when you discuss possible internship responsibilities with key administrators. The results of your negotiations should be a clear, concise Job Description for the proposed internship.


What should an internship Job Description look like?

It should include two parts. One part succinctly itemizes the major building-level duties and responsibilities you and your field-based supervisor-mentor have agreed upon. The second part lists your district-level duties and responsibilities. Begin with verbs that captures a "stretch" responsibility for you (e.g., lead, facilitate, supervise, manage, create, evaluate, support, coordinate, etc.).  Use the Job Description Forms (Building Leader or District Leader) to help you outline your internship plans.

Do I need to complete two internships?

No. However, your internship must include experiences at both the building and district levels. Start by carefully reviewing the four Format Options described on the Internship webpage. Then, as part of your negotiations with relevant administrators, determine whether it makes sense to integrate or separate the time and duties to be dedicated to building- and district-level internship responsibilities.

When do I submit my internship request/paperwork to the University?

Whenever it is complete and, ideally, at least three weeks before the relevant semester begins. The internship Proposal Form is available online. It includes a checklist of requirements, as well as itemized materials to append to the form. See "Related Links" on the Internship webpage.


When do I register for the EDUC 692 seminar that accompanies the internship?

After the Educational Leadership CAS Program Coordinator reviews your internship Proposal form, Job Description, new Personal Plan and other related paperwork, you will be contacted by email. If information is missing or unclear, you will be asked to revise and resubmit your request for University approval. If what you submitted is judged complete and acceptable, you will receive permission to register for the seminar. (Part-time interns will register for the seminar in two consecutive semesters at two credits each; full-timers once at four credit-hours.)

What are the requirements for the EDUC 692 Internship seminar?

The organization and approaches used vary each semester, depending upon the instructor, the number of interns, and the nature and locations of internships. A written syllabus (with expectations and requirements) is provided to registered students at the beginning of the semester.

If I have additional questions, whom should I contact?

CAS Program Coordinator Jackie Visser.


Last Updated: 12/16/16