Candace Mulcahy

Assistant Professor, Graduate School of Education

Candace Mulcahy

Educational Background

  • PhD, Special Education, University of Maryland
  • MEd, Special Education, University of Maryland
  • BS, Special Education, University of Maryland

Teaching Profession

Courses regularly taught

  • Seminar and Practicum in Special Education
  • Assessment in Special Education

Current Research Interests

  • Education of youth at risk for, and involved with the juvenile delinquency system
  • Academic instruction for secondary students with emotional and behavioral disorders

Selected Publications

  • Krezmien, M.P., Mulcahy, C., & Leone, P.E., (In Press). Detained and Committed Youth: Examining Differences in Achievement, Mental Health Needs, and Special Education Status. Education and Treatment of Children .
  • Mulcahy, C.A., Leone, P.E., Krezmien, M.P., & Houchins, D.,& Baltodano, H. (2008). Lessons learned: Barriers and solutions for conducting reading investigations in juvenile corrections settings. Reading and Writing Quarterly 24 (2), 239-252.
  • Krezmien, M.P., Mulcahy, C.A. (2008). Literacy and delinquency: Current status of reading achievement and reading interventions among detained and incarcerated youth. Reading and Writing Quarterly, 24 (2), 219-238. Maccini, P., Mulcahy, C.A., & Wilson, M.G. (2007). A follow-up of mathematics interventions for secondary students with learning disabilities. Learning Disabilities Research and Practice , 22 (1), 58-74.
  • Krezmien, M.P. & Mulcahy, C. (2006). School disciplinary exclusion in the United States public schools. In G. Schulze & M. Wittrock (Eds.), Children at risk in family and school . Oldenburg, Germany: University of Oldenburg.
  • Maccini, P., Gagnon, J.C., Mulcahy, C.A., & Leone, P.E. (2006). Math instruction for committed youth within juvenile correctional schools. The Journal of Correctional Education , 57 (3), 230-249.
  • Cutting, C., Krezmien, M., & McLaughlin, M.J. (2005, April). Manejando problemas emocionales y problemas de comportamiento en las aulas: Una guia practica para directores y docentes . San Salvador, El Salvador: United States Agency for International Development.

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