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Caroline MillenCaroline Millen

Graduate School of Education, MS

“I found a real-world application for the skills I gathered as an undergraduate … teaching was not a path I considered before [attending] Binghamton.”

Caroline Millen’s career at Binghamton began as an undergraduate student in the English Department. While she found her subject area fulfilling, she was unsure how and where she could employ her skills and education outside an academic setting. “The advice that really directed my career path didn’t come from a traditional source like a professor or academic advisor, but actually [from] a member of the auxiliary staff […]” Millen reports. Of her decision to pursue a graduate degree in education, she says “I found a real-world application for the skills I gathered as an undergraduate … teaching was not a path I considered before [attending] Binghamton.”

The choice to pursue a career in education has also provided Millen the opportunity to engage with other issues that are important to her, such as spreading awareness about bullying and advocating for programs that can actively and effectively work toward bullying prevention in public schools.

“Bullying prevention is something I’ve always cared about. Working with local schools to establish policies for bullying prevention is not an [academic] assignment … It’s an issue that means a lot to me, and something I can play a role in changing.” Since entering the Graduate School of Education at Binghamton University, Millen has earned a Master of Teaching in English education for grades 7-12 and is currently pursuing a Master of Science in Special Education for grades 7-12.

“Right now, I'm collaborating with three local school districts and students' families to develop academic and behavioral goals for students with disabilities. I'm also spreading awareness about bullying prevention in these local schools,” she says.

Millen is so pleased with the experiences she’s had at Binghamton that she’s even considering returning in the future: “[A]fter graduation, I hope to become either an English or special education teacher in a local high school. After teaching for a few years, I would love to return to Binghamton for my Certificate of Advanced Studies (CAS) and my Doctorate in Educational Theory and Practice (EdD) to either become an administrator or to teach in higher education.”

Affirming her desire to help others like herself find applications for their own interests, Millen says, “I think it’d be nice to eventually teach students in my position — to teach teachers. I think it would be nice to move full-circle … to return to my roots.”

Last Updated: 3/20/14