How to Apply to the Education Minor



There are two steps to take to apply to the education minor:

1)    Complete and submit the application form.

2)    Email a cover letter and resume to addressed to David Archer with the following subject line: Name, Cover Letter, Resume. The email should explain:

          A. Why you want to enroll in the education minor.

          B. What you want to learn.

3)    Once you submit your online application and cover letter, the minor faculty advisor will review your application and you will be considered for the education minor.

4)    If accepted, your email address will be added to the education minor listserv so you can be notified about updates and opportunities.

Information to remember when applying:

1)    You can apply to be in the education minor once you have sophomore standing.

2)    Consider whether the education minor is something you truly intend to use to gain valuable knowledge about the world of education and education-related professions. You do not need to be interested in becoming a teacher to apply to the education minor; however, we consider the intentions of all applicants before admission.

3)    Do not wait until you have completed all of your requirements before you apply. Submitting your application form and cover letter early in your program will enable us to keep you informed of program updates and opportunities, as well as assure that you have the ability to complete all requirements.

If you have questions about the application process, contact


Last Updated: 1/25/17