Education Minor Mission Statement

The Binghamton University Graduate School of Education launched the
Undergraduate Education Minor in the fall of 2013. The mission of the
education minor is to provide an opportunity to examine the role of education
in our diverse American society.

It is the University's largest minor on campus and encompasses students from all schools. There is an underlying premise that everyone is touched by education and will be an educator in whatever job they have. We believe it is beneficial for everyone to have a basic knowledge of how the system works. Since our student community is so diverse, we have developed a variety of coursework to not only educate those considering a career in education, but to inspire those seeking more knowledge about the education field.

The Education Minor is student driven. The Student Steering Committehas several objectives

1.  To provide an opportunity for students who are or might be interested
            in a career in education to learn more about the dynamic field. 
2.  To act as a voice representing undergraduates interested in the
            field of education. 
3.  To seek opportunities both inside and outside of the classroom
            for students interested in education.
4.  To create a community for students interested in the field of education. 
5.  To provide connections with education related opportunities in the
6.  To organize and provide activities, programs and events related to the
            field of education.
7.  To provide possible connections with alumni in the field
            of education.
8.  To answer questions of students currently in the minor and those interested
            in applying. 
9.  To shape a premier undergraduate education program at Binghamton University.


Last Updated: 11/18/16