Why Minor in Education?

Minoring in education can open more doors than you knew possible. The minor will enhance your understanding of career opportunities as classroom teachers, educational and career counselors; school building, district and business administrators; and education law, or other potential educational careers in settings in New York, across the U.S. and internationally. The minor also has access to numerous volunteering opportunities and internships in educational settings.


“The program has great educators and should continue its growth well into the future.” –Tyler Lowell


“I started working as an IT Project Coordinator for Autism Speaks through a tech contracting company. Interestingly enough, I graduated Binghamton University with a BA in psychology, minor in education. The education part comes in handy with project coordination!” –Nicole Suozzo


“The minor was extremely helpful in giving a broad overview of the field. It was also nice to have a resume builder you were passionate about. I met and became close with lots of professors who helped to get to where I am right now, and otherwise wouldn't have had those relationships. Letters of rec, feedback, an ear to talk to...all meant a lot. But the best part of the minor was how close you got with everyone else involved.” – Matt Dolsky


Last Updated: 11/18/16