5 Degrees, 2 Years

5 Years. 2 Degrees.

Take the Binghamton experience to the next level.

Accelerated Degree Program Info 1Typically, earning a master's degree takes two years.

But with Binghamton's accelerated degree programs, you can earn your master's degree with just one extra year of classes. You'll combine your bachelor's degree with a master's degree and finish both in five fast years.

On average, a master's degree can earn you $10,000 more annually than a bachelor's degree. In some fields, the salary increase can mean an annual difference of $20,000.*

*Statistics based on information reported by the U.S. Census Bureau


Harpur College Accelerated Degree Programs


Art History

Asian and Asian American Studies


Biomedical Anthropology (Public Health)

Economics BS + MA


History (More here)

Philosophy (for PPL and PHIL majors)

Romance Languages (French, Italian, Spanish)


Interested in an MBA? MAT? MPA? Harpur students are also eligible for these programs! See all Binghamton University accelerated degree options to find out more.

Fact Sheet


Benefits of an Accelerated Degree Program

➢ Only 18 credits on top of your Bachelor's degree


*Depends on individual program requirements
and student's coursework

➢ Save time: Complete two degrees in 5 years, instead of 6

➢ Save money 


*Take less time and fewer credits relative to
getting a Bachelor's and Master's separately

*For your senior year you pay the undergraduate rate,
even for graduate courses.

➢ Start your career earlier


How to Apply: Accelerated Degree Program

Open to Current Binghamton University Undergraduate Students Only

Freshman Year

➢ Research program options, go to program offices for advising assistance | Read More

Sophomore/Junior Year

➢ Submit a "declaration of intent to apply" form to your chosen program or speak to graduate director (see individual programs).

➢ Review degree plan and prospective course schedules to ensure completion of both degrees. Students generally complete 2-3 graduate courses during senior year.

Senior Year

➢ Register for graduate courses (department will do this) and finish undergraduate requirements, but pay at the undergraduate rate! Courses double count in both grad and undergrad degree.

➢ Formally apply to the accelerated program during the first semester of your senior/last year (min 88+ credits).

1st Year Graduate Student

➢ Take remaining graduate courses to finish accelerated degree.

For more information, click here!

Questions? Contact gradadmission@binghamton.edu or Graduate Directors for individual programs.

Last Updated: 3/1/17