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What is the "best" pre-law major?

The best preparation for law school is a challenging and well-rounded undergraduate education. Because the practice of law often requires knowledge or understanding of complex scientific, financial, or technological concepts, law schools welcome applications from students with diverse academic backgrounds. Although many pre-law students at Binghamton major in Philosophy, Politics, and Law, Political Science, History and English, there are also significant numbers of students choosing the sciences, business, and other social science or humanities areas. Choose your major from subjects you enjoy -your grades will reflect your enthusiasm for the subject matter.

Use your General Education and College requirements to take courses in a wide variety of disciplines, both to explore the subjects and to improve your knowledge and skills. Scientific and quantitative courses will help you analyze and synthesize data necessary for making a case. Verbal skills will help you present arguments effectively. Sensitivity to a social issue may help you represent disadvantaged clients, or present a proposal to a legislative body.

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