Liberal Arts to Careers Externship (LACE)

The LACE program encourages accomplished alumni to share their knowledge and passion with Harpur College students through a job shadowing externship. | More

Giving to Harpur

Give to Harpur

Gifts to the Binghamton Fund for Harpur College provide the most flexible dollars and are immediately directed to Harpur College's greatest and most fundamental needs. | More



Alumnus Wayne Greenfeder '77 pay’s it forward with recent contribution to Harpur College's Art Department. | More


Alumni Association

Alumni Association

Whether your connections to Binghamton University are through Harpur College or one of the other five schools Alumni Association serves as a source of support. | Visit the Alumni Association site

Alumni & FRIENDS

Hundreds of Harpur College alumni volunteer their time, talents and resources each year to advance Harpur College's mission and tradition of excellence. Your involvement can be the key to current and future student success. To learn more about the ways you can become involved please visit the links below.

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Last Updated: 8/8/16