• The Culture of Accomplishment
  • The Culture of Accomplishment
  • The Culture of Accomplishment

Adapt/ Advance

To foster the orientation, acclimatization and adaptation of newly hired faculty in the College and the larger campus setting. Programmatic activities geared toward attaining these goals include:

  • Department Level Mentoring
  • Up-to-Date Tenure and Promotion Guidelines
  • Harpur Connections (Faculty Networking Events)

Apply/Achieve: Pathway to full Professorship

To strengthen the culture of interdisciplinary and trans-disciplinary discourse in Harpur and expand grant seeking opportunities to support research and graduate students. With two target groups in mind (New Associate Professors and Advanced Associates), specific programs include... (click for more)


To recognize the accomplishments of faculty via multiple pathways including discipline-specific awards, nominations for excellence awards and distinguished professorships within SUNY, and other national and international awards. A Distinguished Leadership Council (DLC) has been established to assist with these efforts.

President's Report

President's Report

Read about the program in the President's quarterly report.

A Culture of Accomplishment

The core goal is to pool together a series of faculty support mechanisms and college resources that are geared toward faculty integration, recognition and career progression. The program is aimed at faculty across all academic ranks: Newly Hired Tenure Track, Newly Tenured Associates, Advanced Associates and Full Professors. Emphasis is on these three areas for our faculty on the left!


For more information, contact Associate Dean Florenz Plassmann at fplass@binghamton.edu.

Last Updated: 7/9/15