All student health records are confidential; no information can be released to anyone, including parents or legal guardians, without a release signed by the student. The Authorization for Release of Protected Health Information (8k pdf) specifies to whom and about what illnesses or injury information may be released. (It isn’t a “blanket” release.) Exceptions may be made in the case of a legally executed subpoena, according to public health regulations or in the event of a life-threatening situation.

Absolutely no personal medical information will be communicated to patients or others via email. This type of information is given only in person or by telephone, after securing personal identification.

Patient Notice of Information Practices

Uses and Disclosure of Health Information

Health information about you is used for treatment, to help you obtain payments from your health insurance, for internal administrative purposes at the Decker Student Health Services Center and to evaluate the quality of care you receive. In general, a written authorization to release information is required from you to share health information with any third party not involved in your medical care. If you choose to sign an authorization to disclose information about you, you can later revoke that authorization to stop any future uses and disclosures.

Identifiable health information about you may be disclosed without your authorization in certain circumstances. We are required by law to disclose certain health information for public health purposes and when directed to do so by a court-ordered subpoena. We may also disclose necessary information when a provider judges that a student is in immediate danger to himself/herself or others. Medical providers are also required to report suspected elder or child abuse, neglect or maltreatment. In all cases, the minimum necessary information is disclosed in these circumstances.

Individual Rights

In most cases and according to New York State Medical Records law, you have the right to review or receive a copy of your health information. You also have a right to receive a list of instances where we have disclosed health information about you for reasons other than treatment, payment or related administrative purposes. If you believe information in your record is incorrect or if important information is missing, you have the right to request a correction of the existing information or add the missing information.


If you’re concerned that your privacy rights have been violated, or you disagree with a decision made about access to your records, you may file a written complaint with the Decker Student Health Services Center or with the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services; we can provide you with the appropriate contact information should you wish to do this.

Our Legal Duty

We’re required by law to protect the privacy of your health information, provide this notice about our information practices and follow the information practices described in this notice.

If you have questions or concerns about this policy, please contact:

Director of Health & Counseling Services
Binghamton University
Binghamton, New York 13902-6000

Last Updated: 8/11/16