Akbar Muhammad

Akbar Muhammad

Associate Professor
Ph.D., Edinburgh University
Africa, Islam
E-mail: muhamma@binghamton.edu


Significant Publications


  • Racism, Sexism, and the World-System, co-editor with J. Smith, J. Collins and T.K. Hopkins. Greenwood Press, 1988.


  • "The Image of Africans in Arabic Literature: Some Unpublished Manuscripts," in John R. Willis, ed., Slaves and Slavery in Muslim Africa, Volume I: Islam and the Ideology of Enslavement. Frank Cass, 1985, pp. 47-74.
  • "Muslims in the United States: An Overview of Organizations, Doctrines, and Problems," in Y.Y. Haddad, B. Haines, and E. Findly, eds., The Islamic Impact. Syracuse University Press, 1984, pp. 195-217.
  • "Islam and National Integration Through Education in Nigeria," in John L. Esposito, ed., Islam and Development: Religion and Sociopolitical Change. Syracuse University Press, 1980, pp. 181-205.
  • "The Samorian Occupation of Bondoukou: An Indigenous View," The International Journal of African Historical Studies X, no. 2 (1977): 242-58.

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