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The Memorandum of Understanding between UUP and the State of New York and the Policies of the Board of Trustees states that professional employees shall be evaluated once each year, as well as when changing conditions warrant.  On the Binghamton University web site, you can refer to the Division of Administration Policies and Procedures section which addresses performance evaluations.


These policies mandate that professional employees receive a written evaluation at least once a year; and that the evaluation is based on a current performance program for the employee. The annual evaluation is based on last year's program; a new program for the year ahead must be signed and submitted along with the evaluation. Even if there are no changes in job duties, the program for the year ahead must be reviewed and signed with the new dates.

Other times that the performance program needs to be reviewed are as follows: change in supervisor; change in work arrangement, such as part-time to full-time, or annual to college year; change in budget title or campus title, and with additional or different duties.

The individual schedule for each employee's annual program/evaluation is the result of our local campus agreement. To keep timely with future term renewal decisions, the annual program/evaluation for term employees are due at least 60 days in advance of the annual term dates. For example, if you have been in your full-time term appointment for more than one year, and your term contract date is October 15 through October 14, then your annual performance program and evaluation date would be August 14.  However, during the first year of a term appointment, evaluations are due at 5 months and 10 months.  So in this example, in the first year, evaluations would be on March 14 and again on August 14.

For professionals who have attained permanency, the annual performance program and evaluation date is May 15.

Appointment Type Performance Program/Evaluation Cycle

Full-Time Term
(1st Year)

Performance Evaluations are at 5 and 10 month intervals in the first year of a one-year term appointment (HR e-mails the correct dates to the supervisor shortly after the start date).  An initial performance program is due within 45 days of hire.  At 5 months, an evaluation accompanied by a new/reviewed program is due.  At 10 months, another evaluation is due, accompanied by program for the year ahead.

If more than a one-year initial term, follow Full-Time (after 1st year) schedule below.

Full-Time Term
(after 1st year)

Generally runs 2 months (60 days) prior to the employee's annual term date.
College year: generally 8/15 through 6/15 each year; or the begin and end obligation dates.


5/15 through 5/14 each year, until the employee leaves their permanent UUP professional position.

Part-Time Term
(includes Hourly Term)

Generally runs 4 months prior to the employee's appointment date, to allow for contractual notice. For new part-time term professionals, the initial Performance Evaluation is at 8 months.

(Full-Time or Part-Time)

Performance Program and Evaluation cycle is identical to their appointment dates.

Temp Probationary (Promotional)

With a promotion or change in budget title, the performance program begins with the date of promotion/reclassification and ends one year later. The evaluation is due at the end of the year.

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Last Updated: 1/21/15