Meeting Minutes

February 25, 2016


  • Terry Kane
  • Shelley Dionne
  • Dave Egan
  • Pat Elliott
  • Joanne Fiore Conte
  • Leslie Heywood
  • Mike Lewis
  • David Warner

The meeting was called to order at 10:05 am. Each member of the board made introductions.

Mr. Kane asked for a motion to accept the minutes from the previous meeting. The meeting minutes from November 23, 2015 were approved.

Mr. Kane asked Dave Eagan to provide a report on fall 2016 academics in the athletics department. Dave Eagan presented his report, which is attached. Student athletes have an overall GPA of 3.14 compared to the full student body of 3.22. Men’s basketball, wrestling and woman’s basketball were identified as areas where improvement was desired. There are about 15 student athletes out of 450 at risk academically.

Mr. Kane asked AD Elliott to provide his AD report. AD Elliott provided an overview of the recently-held Woman in Athletics luncheon. There were 620 attendees and a significant amount of money was raised for woman athletic scholarships. AD Elliott provided an overview of athletics, schedules, travel, facilities and performance.

Mr. Kane asked AD Elliott to provide a report on student fees and athletics finances. AD Elliott reported that the athletics department works from a budget of approximately $15 million. The State of New York currently provides approximately $4 million with the remainder being made up with commission revenues, fund raising and student fees. NYSUNY 2020 raised tuition and related scholarship costs over the past five years. Combined with institutional overhead increases, this caused a budgetary structural imbalance of about 3 %.

The past three years have seen student fees go up $25 per year placing us at or near the top of student fee costs among SUNY university center schools. AD Elliott requested a resolution, which would raise student fees $12, $13 and $14 respectively over the next three years. The board debated this issue and concluded with the following resolution:

It is resolved to increase student athletic fees by $12 for year 2016-17. Student athletic fees for years 2017-18 and 2018-19 will be considered independently.

Motion to accept resolution was made by Shelley Dionne and seconded by Mike Lewis. After no other discussion, this motion was approved by a unanimous vote.

It is the boards desire to recognize that this increase will not cover all structural deficits. Furthermore the board recognized the welfare of the student athletes while balancing student fees as a source of revenue for the Athletics department. Student fees should not be the sole source of balancing the athletics budget. The board asked Mr. Kane to investigate increased state funding. Action: Mr. Kane 

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