Committee Members

Faculty (6)

  • Leslie Heywood
    Professor, English
  • Michael Pettid
    Professor of Korean Studies
    Asian and Asian American Studies
  • J. Koji Lum
    Professor, Anthropology
  • Michael Lewis
    Associate Professor, Computer Science
    IAC Chair
  • David Warner
    Assistant Professor, Psychology
  • Shelley Dionne
    Faculty Athletics Rep
    Associate Professor, School of Management

Students (4)

Recommended by Associate Director of Athletics for Student Services

  • Jake Thomas
    men's baseball
  • Griffin McIver
    women's softball
  • Kristin Ross
    women's basketball
  • Callon Williams
    men's lacrosse

Designee of Vice President for Student Affairs

  • Johann Fiore Conte
    Director of Health and Counseling Services

Alumni Association Member

  • Gerald Mollen, '74 Harpur
    Broome County District Attorney's Office

Ex-Officio with Vote

  • Alexander Liu
    SA President
  • Tom Sheehan
    SA Vice Pres for Finance

Ex-Officio without Vote

  • Patrick Elliott
    Athletics Director

Intercollegiate Athletics Department Participants

  • David Eagan
    Associate Athletic Director


  • Terrence Kane
    Chief of Staff

Last Updated: 12/1/15