IASH FELLOWS 2012-2013

Faculty Fellows

Glick, Douglas
Anthropology and Linguistics, Spring 2013
Social Production of Meaning
Email: dglick@binghamton.edu
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Guay, Robert
Philosophy, Fall 2012
Nietzsche on Truth and Politics
Email: rguay@binghamton.edu
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Henkel, Scott
English, Fall 2012
Censorship and Cooperation in Salt of the Earth
Email: shenkel@binghamton.edu
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Keith, Joseph
English, Fall 2012
America's Archipelago: Islands and the Aberrant Geography of Empire
Email: jkeith@binghamton.edu
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MacKenney, Richard
History, Spring 2013
The Renaissance: Inter-Disciplinary Approaches
Email: rmackenn@binghamton.edu
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Morewedge, Rosmarie
German and Russian Studies, Fall 2012
Herzog Ernst B: A Medieval Experiment in Narration and Nation Building in Germany
Email: rmorewed@binghamton.edu
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Rosenberg, Liz
English, Fall 2012
House of Dreams: The Story of L. M. Montgomery, author of "Anne of Green Gables"
Email: lrosenb@binghamton.edu
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Stoever-Ackerman, Jennifer
English, Spring 2013
The Sonic Color-Line: Race and The Cultural Politics of Listening in America
Email: jsa@binghamton.edu
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Tomich, Dale
Sociology, Spring 2013
Plantation Landscapes: Spatial Practices and Visual Representations in Brazil, Cuba, and American South
Email: dtomich@binghamton.edu
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Walkling, Andrew
Early Modern Studies, Fall 2012
From Pole to Pole Resounding: Epideictic, Performativity, and Musical Rhetoric in John Dryden's "Albion and Albanius"
Email: walkling@binghamton.edu
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Doctoral Fellows

Bowen, Elliott
History, Fall 2012
Mecca of the American Syphilitic: Doctors, Patients and Disease Identity in Hot Springs, Arkansas, 1890-1940
Email: ebowen2@binghamton.edu

Chaudhuri, Diviani
Comparative Literature, Fall 2012
Articulations of Homes in Literatures of South Asia and the South Asian Diaspora: Coloniality, Partition, and 9/11
Email: dchaudh1@binghamton.edu

Cortissoz, Carlos
Philosophy – SPEL, Fall 2012, Spring 2013
Psychology of the State: Plato, Virtue Politics and the Collective Mind
Email: ccortis1@binghamton.edu

Maloney, Kara Larson
English, Spring 2013
Future and Once: Community and Affiliation in King Arthur's Court
Email: kmalone3@binghamton.edu

Undergraduate Fellow

Levine, Amanda
Philosophy, Politics, and Law, Fall 2012
Patient Rights and the Mentally Ill: Deinstitutionalization in the Late 1960s
Email: alevine4@binghamton.edu

Dean's Research Fellow

Gildea, Diana
Spring 2013
Reproducing the Food/Body Regime
Email: diana@dianagildea.com

IASH FELLOWS 2011-2012

Faculty Fellows

Birnbaum, Sariel
Judaic Studies, Fall 2011, Spring 2012
Muslim Immigrants in Europe in Audio-Visual Media of Origin and Destination Countries
Email: birnbaum@binghamton.edu

Henkel, Scott
English, Fall 2011
Leaves of Grassroots Politics: Democracy, the Swarm, and the Literatures of the Americas
Email: shenkel@binghamton.edu
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Kinney, Kelly
English, Spring 2012
Politics, Rhetoric and New Teachers of Writing: Lessons in History, Pedagogy and Writing Program Administration
Email: kkinney@binghamton.edu
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Lee, Yoonkyung
Sociology and AAS, Spring 2012
Political Parties or Social Movements
Email: yklee@binghamton.edu
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Mehta, Monika
English, Fall 2011
Disjunct Economics: Libidinal and Material Investments in Bombay Cinema
Email: mmehta@binghamton.edu
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Nzegwu, Nkiru
Africana Studies, Spring 2012
Critically Theorizing African Heterosexuality
Email: panap@binghamton.edu
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Pages, Neil Christian
German and Comparative Literature, Fall 2011, Spring 2012
Kafka and His Readers
Email: npages@binghamton.edu
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Starks, John
Classical and Near Eastern Studies, Spring 2012
Playing Her Part: the Actress in the Greek and Roman Worlds
Email: jstarks@binghamton.edu
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Tessman, Lisa
Philosophy and Women’s Studies, Fall 2011
Moral Failure
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Wall, Brian
Cinema, Fall 2011, Spring 2012
The Fingerprint of Spirit: Theodor Adorno and Film Theory
Email: bwall@binghamton.edu
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Yun, Lisa
English and AAAS, Fall 2011, Spring 2012
A Narrative of Girl slavery: The Case of the Ship Ingelwood
Email: lisayun@binghamton.edu
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Zils, Harald
German and Russian Studies, Fall 2011
“Ernst Jünger's Total Moment: ‘Das Abenteuerliche Herz’ and 20th century European Aesthetics”
Email: hzils@binghamton.edu
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Graduate Student Fellows

Kyle, Jessica
Philosophy, Fall 2011, Spring 2012
The Promise of Global Politics: Military Humanitarian Intervention and Care for a Global World
Email: jkyle1@binghamton.edu

Little, Lalaine
Art History, Fall 2011
Portable Devotion: Philippine Christian Visual Culture 1521-1815
Email: llittle1@binghamton.edu

Payson, Jessica
Philosophy, Fall 2011, spring 2012
Responsibility and Justice
Email: jpayson1@binghamton.edu

Riddle, Erin
Comparative Literature and TRIP, Fall 2011, Spring 2012
Domesticating Memory: Jana Hensel and Rigoberta Menchu in Translation
Email: eriddle1@binghamton.edu

Sun, Jiena
English, Fall 2011, Spring 2012
Medicine on the Edge: Liminality in Contemporary Physician Writings
Email: jsun4@binghamton.edu

Undergraduate Student Fellows

Simmons, Leonard
PPL and Political Science, spring 2012
Libertarian Paternalism: The Inner Workings of Rawls’s Overlapping Consensus
Email: lsimmon1@binghamton.edu

Stuber, Tracy
Art History and German Studies, Fall 2011
Living With Pop: Mass Media and American Influence in the Art of 1960s Germany


IASH FELLOWS 2010-2011

Faculty Fellows

Brinker-Garber, Gisela
Comparative Literature, Fall 2010

Figurations of the Modern: Gender, Politics, and Aesthetics
Email: gbrinker@binghamton.edu
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Friedman, Randy
Philosophy and Judaic Studies, Fall 2010

Transcendence, Dialogue, and Philosophical Eschatology in 20th Century Jewish Thought
Email: friedman@binghamton.edu
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Gates, Leslie
Sociology, Spring 2011

The Politics of Neoliberalism in Mexico and Venezuela
Email: lgates@binghamton.edu
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Gopinath, Praseeda
English, Fall 2010

Scarecrows of Chivalry: The Literature of British Masculinities after Empire, 1935-1965
Email: gopinath@binghamton.edu
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Henkel, Scott
English, Spring 2011

Leaves of Grassroots Politics: Democracy, the Swarm, and the Literatures of the Americas
Email: shenkel@binghamton.edu
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Martinek, Wendy
Political Science, Spring 2011

Judging as Human Behavior: The Social Psychology of Decision Making on Appellate
Email: martinek@binghamton.edu
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Moreira, Luiza
Comparative Literature, Fall 2010

Gender and the Career of a Public Intellectual: The Journalism of Cecília Meireles (1941-1945)
Email: lmoreira@binghamton.edu
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Pettid, Michael
Asian and Asian American Studies, Fall 2010

Women in Rural Chosŏn Korea: An Exploration of Women’s Autonomy in a Patriarchal Society
Email: mpettid@binghamton.edu
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Polachek, Dora
Romance Languages and Literatures, Spring 2011
Laughter and the Woman Question in Early Modern France
Email: dpolachk@binghamton.edu
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Ros, Ana
Romance Languages and Literatures, Fall 2010, Spring 2011

Inheritance: Living Memory, Leaving Countries. Uruguayan and Argentinean Fictionalization at the Turn of the Millennium
Email: aros@binghamton.edu
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Roth, Benita
Sociology, Fall 2010, Spring 2011

Anti-AIDS Activism in Los Angeles from the 1980s to the 2000s: The Life and Death of ACT UP/LA
Email: broth@binghamton.edu
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Schleuse, Paul
Music, Fall 2010

Patronage, Print Culture, and the Music of Orazio Vecchi in Late Sixteenth Century Italy
Email: schleuse@binghamton.edu
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Wilson, Thomas
Anthropology, Spring 2010

The Europeanization of the Irish Countryside
Email: twilson@binghamton.edu
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Graduate Student Fellows

Gutman, David
History, Fall 2010, Spring 2011

Rethinking the 'Global Village:' The Social, Political, and Economic Impact of Overseas Migration on Eastern Anatolia, 1880-1915

Trelawny-Cassity, Lewis
Philosophy, Fall 2010, Spring 2011

Plato's Demiurgic Politics: The Role of the Chōra in the “Timaeus” and “Laws”

Undergraduate Student Fellows

DeWitt, Jan
Classical and Near Eastern Studies, Spring 2011

(Un)common Blood: The Romanization and Alienation of Italian Allies (200-87BCE)

Jang, Jieun
Music, Fall 2010

Sergei Prokofiev's Piano Sonata No. 9 and Musical Freedom


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