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Is Globalization a Dialogue of Civilizations?

April 12-13, 2002

Long before September 11, 2001, Binghamton University was grappling with problems of conflict and dialogue among civilizations. Since September 11, those issues have become even more urgent. Now we have brought some globally-renowned experts to Binghamton to address these topics. Join us for a day of discussion on these pressing issues.

Friday, April 12, 2002 - Thematic Conversations

Sessions 1-3 in the PSPC, Room C

NOT OPEN TO PUBLIC (Closed Sessions)

Opening (10:00 am-11:00 am)

Remarks by Vice-President Frances Carr, 

Supervisor Andrea Starzak of Vestal, 

Ali A. Mazrui and Ali Paya

Session 1 (11:00 am-12: 30 pm)

Diversity of and Within Civilizations

Moderator: Edward McMahon

Lunch (12:45 am-2:15 pm)

Session 2 (2:30 pm-4:00 pm)

Globalization and Civilization

Moderator: David Cingranelli

Session 3(4:15 pm-5:45 pm)

Is there a World Civilization?

Moderator: Niara Sudarkasa

Dinner and Keynote

Holiday Inn Arena (7:00 pm-10:00 pm)

Greetings from Mayor Richard Bucci,

Ali A. Mazrui and Ali Paya

Comments by Lord Ahmed of Rotherham

Keynote Address:
Wole Soyinka of Nigeria

Saturday, April 13, 2002- Public Sessions

TOWN MEETING (Sessions Open to the Public)

Session 4-5 at the Heritage Country Club, Johnson City

 Opening (9:00 am-9:30 am)

Opening remarks by Mayor Harry Lewis

Provost Mary Ann Swain, Ali A. Mazrui and Ali Paya

Remarks by Guest of Honor, General Yakubu Gowon of Nigeria 

Session 4 (9:45 am-11:30 am)

Civilizations in Conflict 

Remarks by: N'dri Assie-Lumumba, Jonah Isawa Elaigwu and Chester Gillis

Chair: Isidore Okpewho

Coffee Break (11:30 am-11:45 am)

Session 4 (continued, 11:45 am-1:00 pm)

Dialogue on Civilizations in Conflict

Lunch Break (1:15 pm-2:45 pm)

Session 5 (3:00 pm-4:45 pm)

Civilizations in Dialogue

Remarks by Lenn Goodman, Ousseina Alidou and Chandra Muzaffar

Chair: Darryl C. Thomas

Coffee Break (4:45 pm-5:00 pm)

Session 5 (continued, 5:00 pm-6:00pm)

Dialogue on Civilizations in Dialogue


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