Center for Family, School and Community Partnerships

The Mission of The Center for Family, School and Community Partnerships is to enhance and sustain educational opportunities and quality of life for children, families and communities through interdisciplinary research, practice, family engagement and outreach.

We understand families and communities from a multicultural and intergenerational perspective and recognize the strengths and value of multiple perspectives and diverse experiences. In collaboration with families, school personnel, community members and leaders, the Center develops and implements evidence-based models of practice by pilot testing and evaluating innovative program designs and practices. Along with providing needed services, developing, testing and implementing these models serve as laboratories for educating the next generation of interdisciplinary professionals in best practices, and promotes a national research agenda for building dynamic and productive community partnerships.

The Center's research, practice and service-learning projects include school-linked services, community schools, family outreach and engagement, intergenerational caregiving initiatives, and professional development for school personnel and community partners.

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Last Updated: 10/16/15