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Walk-in hours are held Monday through Thursday from 10:00 am to noon and 1:00 pm to 3:00 pm. If you need forms for course registration or Independent Study, or have a very brief question and would prefer to just drop in, please do! There are peer advisors available during these hours to help answer general questions regarding major requirements and class scheduling.

Appointments with a faculty advisor can be scheduled Monday through Thursday from 1:00 pm to 3:00 pm, or Tuesdays 10 am to 12 pm and Thursdays 9:30 am to 11:30 am. To schedule an appointment, use hireBING and follow the instructions below.

Schedule an appointment on hireBING

1. Click Here to sign into hireBING. On this page follow the directions to create an account for new users or sign into your account if you have previously created one.

2. Hover over the calendar tab and choose "Counseling Appointment". Then choose "Request New Appointment".

3. Below are the three types of appointments to choose from. Once you have chosen please select "Check Availability" at the bottom. Available appointments will then be listed for you to choose the best date and time for you. To schedule the appointment you must click on faculty advisor's name that corresponds with your desired appointment date and time.

  • PSYC/IN/ABA Degree Planning
  • PSYC/IN/ABA Course Selection and Registration
  • PSYC/IN/ABA Career Planning

4. Lastly, A window will pop-up with the date and time for your advising appointment, as well as a comment box where you can choose to enter information regarding your appointment. Click "submit request" to finalize your appointment. You will then receive an email confirmation to your b-mail account.


Academic Advising:

Undergraduate Academic Advisor: Dr. Luka

Advising Office: Science IV, 230B


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Degree and course information:

See the following links for information regarding:

Click here for information about graduation. For Spring 2015 graduates: be sure to apply for your degree on BUbrain by March 27th.

Course descriptions are available in the Bulletin or on the BUbrain - schedule of classes. See our Course Offerings tab for information about our projected offerings for future terms.

Declaring Your Major

If you're interested in declaring a major in Psychology or the ABA track we encourage you to do so by the end of your sophomore year. Transfer students intending to major in psychology should contact the Psychology department's academic advisor when you arrive on campus. Please note: declaring an interest in psychology on your admissions application does not mean you have declared your major; all students enter Binghamton as undeclared. 

To declare your major in Psychology you must have received a C or higher in both PSYC 111 and PSYC 243, and you must hold a class standing of second semester freshman or higher.** 

If you meet these requirements and want to declare your major as Integrative Neuroscience, please send an email with your request to 

**If you are a first semester freshman with NY State STEM funding, please meet with the Academic Advisor to discuss the process for declaring your major.

Transferring courses to Binghamton

Use the transfer equivalencies table to see how your credits will transfer to Binghamton.

Common Procedures/Questions:

If the course does not have a wait list, how can I get into closed courses?

The only way to obtain a seat in a closed course is if another student drops. For closed courses you should monitor BUbrain closely during open registration periods.

Is the course restricted?

Please check what the restriction is by clicking on the course title on BU Brain.

You will need to get the permission of the instructor to enroll in courses with restrictions (e.g., locked by instructor, class standing, major, pre-req, etc.). Fill out a course petition (Biology- 26kb or Psychology- 336kb) and return it to the appropriate department.

How can I sign up for independent study credits?

Fill the Psychology independent study form (339kb) and return it to the advising office (S4-230B). Paper copies of the form are also available in the advising office. For Biology independent study, fill out the appropriate form and return to their main office (S3-210)

Will any independent study in psychology or biology count toward the major?

No. Only an independent study with course content that is integrative neuroscience-related will count toward the lab requirement for the major. Discussion with the Integrative Neuroscience Program's academic adviser prior to taking an independent study course will clarify whether approval will be given for a particular independent study course to count toward the major.

What requirements will independent study courses fulfill?
Up to eight (8) credits of independent research may be used as part of the 16 upper level credits required in the major. These credits can be from Psychology or Biology research. Additionally four (4) credits of independent research may be used to fulfill one (1) of the three (3) required labs. Only independent study with an Integrative Neuroscience faculty member can count as a lab. See the academic advisor to determine whether your lab will count.

Independent research courses will not automatically appear in the major section of your DARS report. You will need to see the program's academic advisor so that a DARS Exception can be made to allow the research courses to count.

How will I know which seminar I should take?

You can take either one 4-credit or two 2-credit approved seminars to meet the requirement. A list of eligible seminars is posted before the advance registration period each semester outside the Integrative Neuroscience Program Advising Office (S4-230B), on the Course Offerings page and our Facebook page, and is also sent prior to advance registration each semester to the Integrative Neuroscience listserv.

How do I know if a course I've taken or plan to take at another college will count toward integrative neuroscience requirements?
Decisions regarding transfer credits are made by the director of the Integrative Neuroscience Program. To find out if a course taken elsewhere will count toward your integrative neuroscience requirements, bring a written description of the course (e.g., the catalog description from the other university or a syllabus) to the Integrative Neuroscience Program Advising Office in S4-230B.

How can I get credits from another institution to count towards my major?

Submit a completed major/minor petition form with a detailed course description of syllabus to the advising office (Science IV, 230B). Paper copies of the form are also available in the advising office. Evaluation of these petitions can take up to a week or more. Students are highly encouraged to petition BEFORE taking courses at other institutions as there is no guarantee that courses/credits will be accepted.

How can I get credits from a study abroad program to count towards my major?

Submit a completed study abroad petition form with a detailed course description of syllabus to the advising office (Science IV, 230B). Paper copies of the form are also available in the advising office. Evaluation of these petitions can take up to a week or more. Students are highly encouraged to petition BEFORE taking courses abroad as there is no guarantee that courses/credits will be accepted.

What is my GPA for my major?

Use our major GPA calculator (xls, 3805kb) to find out.

What if I need to take an incomplete in a course?
You must meet with your instructor to determine if you will be permitted to receive an incomplete in a course. Incompletes are warranted when a student has a personal or medical emergency that prevents them from completing coursework. We highly encourage students and faculty to use the Incomplete Contract (.docx,17.1kb)  to ensure that all parties know exactly what coursework remains and when it must be completed by. Copies of the contract should be provided to the instructor, the student, and the advising office (S4-230B).
For more information about course registration, graduation/commencement, enrollment verification, and the final exam schedule, as well as access to any forms please see the Registrar's website.
See Harpur Advising for any Gen Ed or Harpur College requirement questions.
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