image of peter j. donovick


Director, Environmental Neuropsychology Laboratory

Professor of Psychology


Phone: 607-777-2852


Research Interests

Human neuropsychology -- neuropsychological manifestations of brain injury and psychopathology; effects of: brain damage, disease, environmental toxicology, malnutrition, aging on behavior. Recovery of function from experimentally induced or naturally occurring disorders of the brain.

Contact Information

Contact Peter J. Donovick, S4, 116, ext. 7-2852.

Types of Research Experiences Available

Assessment of cognitive abilities of normal individuals and those with systemic and/or neurologic disorders through neuropsychological techniques. Students are typically involved in data collection, tabulation, and writing of projects with which they are involved. Undergraduates have presented papers at national scientific meetings and are frequently co-authors on manuscripts.

Prerequisites and Miscellaneous

Prerequisites: None. Miscellaneous: Majority of students work 6-12 hours/week. There are weekly research meetings which students must attend.

Last Updated: 1/16/17