Professor of Psychology
Phone: 607-777-4387


Research Interests

Investigation of the perceptual and attention processes that influence the formation of visual memories and exploration of the structure and content of visual representations comprise the primary foci of my research. My interest in visual perception and memory stems from an interest in the effects of viewpoint changes on the representation underlying adult object recognition. My recent work, within a developmental framework, has focused on the effects of both perception and attention on memory processes and content. I subscribe to the view that processes from all three areas are highly interrelated, and I am currently investigating questions regarding the influence of basic perceptual processes on the representation of visual stimuli, and questions regarding the influence of attention on memory in both infants and children. Thus, my research uses both infants (2-6 months) and children (1-10 years) as subjects, and employs a variety of methods to explore these issues.

Contact Information

Contact Peter Gerhardstein, S4, 202, or call ext. 7-4387

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