image of ralph r miller


 Distinguished Professor of Psychology

Phone: 607-777-2291

Research Interests

Information processing in animals; emphasis on elementary, evolutionarily-derived, fundamentals of learning and memory that might be expected to generalize across species, including humans.

Contact Information

Contact R. R. Miller, S4-130,, or call 777-2291 (2-6:30 p.m.)

Types of Research Experiences Available

Learn to design, execute, and analyze studies of animal (rodents and humans) cognition and behavior in laboratory situations. The results of these experiments are often reported at professional conferences and/or published in scientific journals with students as coauthors.


Introductory Psychology. Corequisites: Psychology of Learning or Cognitive Psychology.


Approximately 11 hours/week and commitment of at least one year expected. The research frequently involves working over weekends. Option often available of full-time salaried position on NIH grant over the summer. Students with allergies or asthma are discouraged from applying.

Last Updated: 1/16/17