The CIS facilitates research by undergraduate and graduate students and by diverse faculty in the various fields of Israel Studies, and collaborates with other Binghamton programs and centers, as well as with the Transdisciplinary Areas of Expertise.

Israel Studies Undergraduate Research and Creative Work Grant 2016 - 2017

This award is designed to support Binghamton University students' independent research or creative work. To qualify, your project must be supervised by a Binghamton University faculty member, and currently be enrolled in independent study credit (2 or 4) or honors thesis credit at Binghamton University (exceptions may be granted if a student has exceeded the maximum number of thesis or independent study credits allowed by his or her college). Funding is competitive and award amounts vary. The maximum award is $500.

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Center for Israel Studies Spring Lectures and Workshops Series

This Spring, the CIS will inaugurate its first annual series of workshops and lectures, inviting academics and scholars from the many fields of Israel Studies to speak to students at faculty at Binghamton University.  This year’s topics include: The impact of natural resources on Israel-Turkey relations, Mizrahi voices in early Zionism, border negotiations between Israel-Palestine, the debate over bi-nationalism in Israel, and the Funded in part through a generous donation by Marc and Joan Saperstein.

Center for Israel Studies Summer Scholars and Artists Program

Description: The Center for Israel Studies offers the Summer Scholars and Artists Fellowship to support undergraduates in special research, scholarship or creative activities during the summer. Modeled directly on the Binghamton University Undergraduate Research Center Program, this prestigious award provides a stipend to permit students to conduct primary research or creative activities with guidance from faculty mentors. The fellowship is intended to support the student's original research or creative project(s), not to support research assistance for a faculty member's research project. The program is funded through a generous donation by Marc and Joan Saperstein.

Israel Studies Undergraduate Research and Creative Work Grant 2015 - 2016

The Center for Israel Studies at Binghamton has awarded two inaugural grants to undergraduates at Binghamton pursuing research in Israel Studies. Jasmine Johnson (Economics, class of 2016) and Miriam Wade (Arabic, Judaic Studies, MENA, class of 2016) have each received an Israel Studies Undergraduate Research and Creative Work Grant. Both students will make public presentations of their work this Spring.
Ms. Johnson's research will take place in an Independent Study supervised by Professor Ricardo Laremont. She will examine migration flows from the Middle East into Europe, focusing on European immigration policy, and the economics that ground both migration and policy.

Ms. Wade is writing an Honor's Thesis on Sephardic and Mizrahi voices in Zionist thought and in modern Israel, advised by Professor Jonathan Karp of the History and Judaic Studies Departments. Studying Israel from the point of view of Israelis from Arab countries helps to expand our understanding and to problematize the formation of its national culture, and its relation to the multiple ethnic groups that constitute modern Israel.

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For more information, please contact Professor Friedman.

Funded in part through a generous grant from the Israel Institute.

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