Meals During Orientation

All new students attending International Student Orientation are invited to attend the International Student Welcome Lunch on Wednesday, January 11, 2017. The cost for the Welcome Lunch is covered by the New Student Fee.

The other meals during International Student Orientation are part of your semester Meal Plan.  The Meal Plan is mandatory for all students living on campus in the following residential communities: College-in-the-Woods, Dickinson, Hinman, Mountainview, and Newing.  All students living in the above listed residential communities are automatically enrolled in Meal Plan C.  Your meal plan can be changed within the first two weeks of classes through BU Brain.   

If you are considered an off-campus student, or if you are living in the Susquehanna or Hillside Communities, then you are not required to purchase a meal plan.

If you have a Meal Plan, your Meal Plan is coded on your Binghamton University ID card and will be swiped at the dining halls.

To learn more about the meal plans offered on campus and how to purchase a meal plan click here

Locations for meals during International Student Orientation are given in the Orientation program. Click here for a map showing the locations of the various on-campus dining options.

Please note: If you have family members or friends coming to Orientation with you, they will need to pay for their meals with U.S. dollars or a U.S. credit card.



Last Updated: 11/8/16