Working in the United States

International Students in F-1 or J-1 visa status must take care to learn and obey the federal immigration regulations governing their visa status. The federal immigration regulations governing employment are strict. Employment is only allowed in certain situations and generally requires written authorization from the Office of International Student & Scholar Services BEFORE you can begin employment. You can review the federal immigration regulations governing possible employment here.

New international students who are in their first year of study in the United States are only allowed to work on-campus, at the campus where they are enrolled. Employment cannot begin until you are registered for classes. You can review the immigration regulations specific to this type of employment authorization here.

Possible employers at Binghamton University can be found here.

Opportunities for on-campus employment are limited. Not all students seeking employment will be able to find a position on-campus.

Be very careful to only engage in lawful employment. Working without authorization is illegal and a serious violation of the law.

Your best source of information on this issue is the staff of the Office of International Student & Scholar Services. We are always happy to answer any questions you might have.




Last Updated: 12/6/16