Register Your Car with the NYS DMV


In order to register your car with NYS, you need to visit the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) where a representative will examine your application and documents.

The address of the NYS DMV office is: 181 Clinton St. Binghamton, NY. You can check on office hours for either office by calling: 607-778-2337. Also check this web site:

Documents You Need to bring to the NYS DMV office:
  • Proof of ownership (Title Certificate)
  • Proof of your identity and date of birth . NYS DMV office will accept both a driver's license issued by NYS and/or a foreign passport with a US visa and a valid form I-94 attached. See the list of documents required on page 4.
  • Form MV-82 (Vehicle Registration / Title Application). This form can also be obtained at the NYS DMV office.
  • Verification of insurance (Form FS-20, NYS Insurance Identification Card). You must obtain this card from the insurance agent.
  • Purchase receipt
  • Payment method

The Department of Motor Vehicles will:

  • Charge you 8% sales tax on your purchase. If you have purchased a car from a dealer, he will have already collected the state tax from you. The dealer will give you Form MV-50, this form will serve as proof to the NYS DMV that the tax has already been collected by the dealer.
  • Issue you a car registration certificate
  • The registration fee charged by the NYS DMV varies by the weight of the car, for more information on this fee go to this web link:

Identity Papers to Use for any NYS DMV Application 
** Original Documents Only - Photocopies Are Not Acceptable **

Important: Any document submitted for proof of identification must be a current and valid document. The document cannot be an expired document. The NYS DMV has the authority to verify that your documents are authentic. For most applications you will need to show 6 "points" of identity.

Acceptable documents for Proof of Identity can be found here.

Social Security Number: If you are not eligible for a Social Security number, you can obtain an official letter from the Social Security Administration (SSA). This "Letter of Ineligibility" is specific to NYS DMV applications and must be submitted to the NYS DMV within 30 days of issuance by the SSA. The SSA office is located at 2 Court Street in Binghamton.

Last Updated: 6/17/16