Several Additional Suggestions

New York State Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) monitors the way liability insurance coverage is verified in order to reduce or prevent uninsured operation of a motor vehicle.
Anytime a vehicle is added, changed, or removed from a policy, or when issuing or canceling a policy, insurance companies are required to electronically transmit those changes to DMV.

  • If you receive a suspension letter from the NYS DMV, immediately contact your agent or insurance company.
  • If you cancel your auto policy because you have selected a new company or agent, make sure that the effective date of your new policy matches the cancellation date of your previous policy.
  • Do not remove liability insurance from any type of motor vehicle you own or lease until you have surrendered your license plates to the NYS DMV. A lapse in coverage is subject to fine or penalty from NYS of $8.00/day or suspension of your registration and driver's license.
  • The vehicle must be registered in the same name as the named insured(s) listed on the declarations page of your policy.
  • If your vehicle or license plates are stolen, you need to make a police report and submit a copy of the police report to your local NYS DMV office. The NYS DMV will issue you an FS-6T form for lost or stolen plates. The effective date on the FS-6T will match the date on the police report.
  • If you add, replace, or delete a vehicle from your auto insurance coverage be sure you receive a change the endorsement from the insurance company acknowledging the change to your policy.
  • Check your vehicle identification number (VIN). The VIN on your vehicle, registration, ID card, and policy must be the same.
  • Be sure you or your car dealer registers your new car immediately. A car dealer has 5 days to submit the registration paperwork to NYS DMV. A vehicle purchased through a private sale needs to be registered as soon as possible. The NYS DMV will not accept an insurance ID card as proof of insurance if the effective date is not current. Be sure you are not driving a car that is not registered to the NYS DMV office.
  • When moving out of New York State, you need to obtain insurance in your new state as soon as possible. Only then should you surrender your New York State plates and cancel your New York State auto insurance coverage.

Last Updated: 2/20/15