Federal and State Tax Returns

If you were present in the United States during the 2016 calendar year, you will need to file one or more tax forms in the spring of 2017 even if you were not employed. Tax laws that apply to internationals are not the same as those that apply to U.S. citizens and/or permanent residents. International students filing tax forms for the first time often find it to be a very confusing process (as do domestic students). The Office of International Student and Scholar Services, while not tax experts, want to assist you with this responsibility.

The deadline for filing tax forms for the 2016 tax year is April 18, 2017.

NOTE: If you received a Scholarship or Fellowship, or you worked for the State or Research Foundation and were able to claim the benefits of a tax treaty based on wages, you will receive a Form 1042-S. Do NOT file your taxes until you receive this form!  Contact your employer for more information on Form 1042-S or if you are not sure whether you will be receiving one.

TurboTax Warning!

International students who are non-residents for tax purposes should NOT use TurboTax to file their tax returns, since the software does NOT provide support for non-resident tax forms. Most tax software programs do no provide this support.

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